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  1. You are likely leasing it, as the council owns the land and leases it for set time periods. Typically 20 years. But that means you have a set period to recoup your money. It’s not something you truly own.
  2. Anyone been to the USA on holiday and done a checkout and rented a plane with a PPL, and had a travel insurance policy from Australia cover you? I am not able to find anything on offer that allows it. They all specifically exclude anything with a motor and some call out any aircraft that isn't RPT with you as a passenger.
  3. That was a very good breakfast. Heaps of people and airplanes and a few helicopters. Quite a few biplanes and warbirds. I liked how they served breakfast by number so everyone got a fair share. Service was fast too. Would definitely go back. At only $10 it was very good.
  4. Who’s going? I’m heading over from Redcliffe in a C172.
  5. I stopped at Chinchilla and the RSL sent a courtesy van to fetch us. Good steak.
  6. News.com.au says single pilot killed unfortunately.
  7. https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/06/08/17/33/plane-crashes-onto-melbourne-street
  8. Jaba-who, I drove last time. Lots of parking and we walked past the museum and to the gate, a few minutes only. You need to pay for parking, I think it was $5 a day.
  9. It's from RFC at Gympie. Not part of the Redcliffe Aeroclub.
  10. I used the old books, was fine. Redcliffe Aeroclub can do it as well.
  11. What airport are you closed to? I used Aero Dynamic Flight Academy at Caboolture.
  12. It took me about 3 hours for RPL, then about 3 trips to controlled airspace and I think 3 navs. Was easily 20 hours but I benefited from it, I was slacker in my skills than I realised.
  13. Does anyone know of a G1000 sim, just for teaching yourself the G1000? Ideally a cheap one :)
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