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  1. Hi @Camel of course it's a joke. Are all my landings perfect? No. Thanks for the armchair instruction though. Cheers Ramjet
  2. Hey fellow aviators, I thought I'd provide an update for those interested. Basically, I feel so soured by my experience that I stopped flying. I simply could not face one more flight with the sneering 'I found some other minor error with your flying and you are never ready for a test' instructor. (See my previous post) It's cost me double what I had anticipated, and since my hiatus I can see even more hours 'wasted' in reinvigorating skill and technique. Who would have thought that an instructor who is recommended as 'good and thorough' would scare someone relatively competent completely
  3. Harden. I landed on it day before a race meet, nags everywhere, they weren't too happy,. We explained to the folk who came tearing up the strip at us in their Landcruiser traybacks (as we were trying to roll for takeoff!!) how they need to put the markings on the strip to indicate closure and they should also notify airservices for a NOTAM. 3 days after the race meet none of that was done but some weeks later I vaguely remember a permanent closure advice. So for anyone who needs to land at Harden, sorry about that we may have triggered that outcome, I can assure you as of November 2017
  4. HI This site has been down for weeks : http://www.aviationadvertiser.com.au/ Anyone know anything? I presume it was run by an Aussie flyer / company or some entity related to the aviation industry. There were a couple of planes I was interested in , but now I cant contact the owners. :-( cheers Ramjet
  5. Who cares, are you trying to infer something?We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Havagrt ANZAC day! Ramjet
  6. Usability, intuitive features, all files are in a proprietary format so you never get off Apple and can't share with non Apple users (the trap!), hard to go wrong, good for idiots who know nothing about IT = Apple. Global interoperability, designed for wider file sharing, no proprietary 'ecosystem', less good for idiots = Windows Too easy, possibly less safe, can't go wrong ever, need 'apps' over programs, awesome for IT idiots = Android
  7. Yep and the Chinese govt can review every single thing you do on the platform. No thanks. Data safe, Ramjet
  8. Hi Been looking at aircraft to buy and more than one hangar conversation has revolved around the cost of, and ability to complete oneself, maintenance. Nothing I've found on CASA or on RAAUS website has elicited these differences clearly. Tbh I still can't work out the difference between 23 and 24 rego, its probably buried in the RA manuals somewhere but the Technical manual certainly doesn't explain much at all. So from a self maintainer perspective, what could I do myself if I bought any of these regos and does the self maintenance requirements differ between each? I'm presuming
  9. Well if you're clicking on unknown attachments from unknown senders then you probably get what you deserve. There's some really simple practical actions people can take which improve online security 99%. If you don't know the sender, didn't ask for it, or are presented an 'upgrade' 'install' or 'offer' that you didn't ask for then don't click on it. Those rules alone will see you safe of 99% attempted attacks. Surf safe! Ramjet
  10. FYI for anyone following this woeful tale I just checked my logbook and it was 24.3hrs when previous instructor was recommending I book in for flight test. The first 11hrs were with original instructor., doing mostly endless, boring circuits. The next 13 were with the the instructor who left the school just before I could sit test. 3 flights in we were doing 3hr navs and in just on 10hrs had knocked off PFL, PSL, Short field, EFATO, glide approaches, CTA and diversions. In fact my log book shows the last 4hrs was a nav we did way out West pretty much 'just for fun' and demo all the sk
  11. Should I point out here that this school does RA and after 3hrs conversion in their RA plane I was away doing my own solo navs....(personally I thought the 3hrs was a little extensive and over cautious, but it covered off a BFR too...)But somehow I am unable to pass the subjective, undefined, mystical threshold for my PPL, and as I've related, instructor hasn't articulated any clear path to get there. Other than keep finding some new imperfection with my flying, every single time we fly. Last time it was in the circuit, complaining I went a little long on downwind and then trying to tell me
  12. Do I really have another choice? Jumping schools to have to spend yet another 4-6 hrs demonstrating what I already know. I have already contacted another school, so if it does come to that I know where Im going. I'll most likely go there for my NVFR/PIFR unless a better option comes up...I am also yet to buy an IFR rated plane (or any plane), so no rush on that front. Fly safe Ramjet
  13. Hi squid,In a sense. May I quote Marcus Aurelius, "As far as you can, get into the habit of asking yourself in relation to any action taken by another: "What is his point of reference here?" But begin with yourself: examine yourself first." And in that I am conflicted. Some time ago, about 14hrs, an instructor was prepping me tantalisingly close to a test, we almost booked it. With a quick and direct method we addressed curriculum items one by one and bashed at them until they were subdued, conquered and mastered to at least a level of non life threatening skill, certainly enough to squeak o
  14. Hey [email protected][/uSER] that might actually work, if it doesn't down here, my in laws live in Mackay. After this weekend I will have a much more clarified opinion. My instructor is fussy, that's okay, but it's really getting ridiculous and he doesn't seem to have a clear curriculum path in mind, which my previous instructor did, and had me to '2 weeks away from test, let's do this thing' attitude. Currently it's a subjective assessment against their own 10000hr? skills which as a low hour pilot I will never meet. Ever. Might see you in Mackay! Fly safe Ramjet
  15. Thanks for all the views, I posted this last one to confirm what I had already suspected. I'm being dragged out for whatever hidden agenda the instructor has in their head. So, I'll be seeking a 'fast and forceful' path to completion of my PPL and they will suffer the loss of my intent to train PIFR, which I had hoped to have begun already. If I can't get what I need, I'll cut my losses and go elsewhere. This extension from my initial estimate of 20hrs or so has now cost me about 6K. I'll definitely be doing my PIFR elsewhere. Thanks for some of the views and insights, I'll post back
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