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  1. “...women fighter pilots...” Tut-tut !... Jerry_Atrick, yer caint have women fighter pilots - They is now woper fighter pilots..... 🙂 😚 .
  2. Sad really. When discussing the RAF these days it is not about flying............. 😉 .
  3. Yep!, Methusala, as always, a lot more to it. A long list of one thing leads to another... “The Captain acted with the best of intentions...” “...The Board of Inquiry concluded that the instructor devised a demonstration of asymmetric flight that was 'inherently dangerous and that was certain to lead to a sudden departure from controlled flight' and that he did not appreciate this. The Board noted there were deficiencies in the acquisition and documentation of 707 operational knowledge within the RAAF combined with the absence of effective mechanisms to prevent the eros
  4. Nice looking aircraft. In the first photo, the dark blue machine, looking at what I assume to be the drop tanks it looks like the centreline tank is way out of whack with the wing tanks... strange to have what would apear to be a high drag set-up. .
  5. The Angel 44 instructors recent experience is documented. Obviously some issues and a cause there. Though, I’m a bit mystified how it is a RAAF check captain could be doing a ‘manoeuvre’ outside of what would be considered safe practice ? Were it something that they had been doing for several years with-out issue ? .
  6. Defenders of what ? “...Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) is embracing gender-neutral pronouns such as ‘Ze’, ‘Per’, and ‘Hir’ to become “fit for the 21st century.”...” https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/10/22/air-force-embraces-gender-neutral-pronouns-airman-becomes-air-per/ As “Force” is a very masculine term and is now ‘wrong-think’ the RAF will need to be renamed. To save having to repaint every thing in the RAF inventory it is proposed to just re-think the F in RAF. A competition will be held to find the appropriate ‘right-think’ of the ‘wrong-think’ F
  7. Heh..🙂 Well... I used to fly south of Darwin 30 odd years ago and it were completely different then... It must be all that global warming making the smoke all different and causing the beer to go flat in the can........ 😉 .
  8. A quick perusal of the Professions Australia web site didn’t show any global warming histeria so they caint be to bad..🙂 .
  9. Flying just like a house fly. Yer can see just how mini computer controlled battle field drones will be in a few short years. .
  10. Would one of them Borer props work ? Used by some on the Super Cubs. .
  11. I had a look-see at Breitbart to try and work out what this Qanon was and heres an article from a few days ago: “...Could anything make it more clear that this whole QAnon narrative is yet another example of the media manufacturing outrage in order to craft a club to try and beat Trump with? Right now we have a country filled with left-wing terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa out burning, killing, looting, and terrorizing, and our corrupt media is nattering on about something no one’s heard about or paid any attention to. Nevertheless, as the Washing
  12. If you want to flow the ever changing ‘entity’ of old china to now I’d suggest it is now called Taiwan. From the old china of despots to the free Democracy of today. The terror state that is now called china thinks its own citizens are to stupid to live in a free democracy. So much for the communist ‘ideals’... .
  13. Is there something to quote from Qanon ? I thought Qanon were just an invention of the media. .
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