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  1. I had a look-see at Breitbart to try and work out what this Qanon was and heres an article from a few days ago: “...Could anything make it more clear that this whole QAnon narrative is yet another example of the media manufacturing outrage in order to craft a club to try and beat Trump with? Right now we have a country filled with left-wing terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa out burning, killing, looting, and terrorizing, and our corrupt media is nattering on about something no one’s heard about or paid any attention to. Nevertheless, as the Washing
  2. If you want to flow the ever changing ‘entity’ of old china to now I’d suggest it is now called Taiwan. From the old china of despots to the free Democracy of today. The terror state that is now called china thinks its own citizens are to stupid to live in a free democracy. So much for the communist ‘ideals’... .
  3. Is there something to quote from Qanon ? I thought Qanon were just an invention of the media. .
  4. Seems American Thinker agrees with some posters here that conservative websites are of “dubious reliability” Although, the question is put that the FBI has had the info for a while now and not done any-thing about it ? Perhaps there are further investigations underway..... “...Several conservative news sites of possibly dubious reliability piled on, asserting that an unnamed whistleblower claims that there are videos showing Hunter sexually abusing underage Chinese girls. At this stage, these assertions are best ignored, and I will not link to them. Having sa
  5. Looks like the evidence is growing... “...former Hunter Biden business partner Bevan Cooney provided 26,000 emails to him—the first of which were published late last week in a Breitbart News exclusive investigation by Schweizer and author Seamus Bruner. Cooney is currently serving a sentence in federal prison due to his conviction over financial deals he made connected to Hunter Biden and his other partner Devon Archer. Archer, who was also convicted by a jury in federal court,.....” https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/18/exclusive-peter-schweizer-hunter-bidens-f
  6. Yeah, me granny had a Fine China dinner set. I think what is overlooked here is that the ‘china’ of today is not the china of century’s past. The current ‘entity’ that is called china has only existed for 70 odd years. When the European trading posts were set up the area were a mess of little kingdoms and feuding war-lords roughly interpreted by the then western observers as a country called china. For an example, take note that the peoples of the repressed Hong Kong area speak a different language to the peoples around Beijing. I wonder what the Uyghurs would say abou
  7. Hmmm... octave, in the link you provided, what exactly is Trump accused of ? I had a perusal of the JustSecurity site. Apparently, there is a big conspiracy going down... The intrusions of white supremacist militias into cities to intimidate and attack protestors from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement highlights the possibility of rural insurgency. https://www.justsecurity.org/72681/is-the-united-states-heading-for-a-rural-insurgency/ .
  8. After all this time if them Wren conversions aren’t all that popular there is probably a good reason for it. .
  9. Seeing as no-one pinged me on the Drifter tank mathematics I doubt there’s any interest in this subject. Not really relevant to most light aircraft pilots any way..🙂 .
  10. So, I’ll take that as after 4 or 5 years of intense investigation by the US media and the Democrats that there is no actual evidence..🙂 .
  11. Why then, if china invented certain things, were it the West that advanced with these ‘Chinese’ technologies ?
  12. Hmmm... Then how do you explain all the incredibly wealthy people in China ? .
  13. Um, No. Without Spray Tan or hair Trump is still the President..... or do somebody think personal appearance denotes ability’s ? I don’t think the Democrat who drew up this cartoon, or what-ever yer call it, thought it though. Perhaps we should look at some of the female democrat senators and see what they look like with-out the ‘make-up’ and hair styling. Weren’t It 80 year old Nancy Pelosi who got caught out at the hair dresser not wearing a china virus mask...😆
  14. To help explain fuel tank moment arm re airframe CofG: The top tank in a Drifter is sloping backwards towards the top of the tank. When the tank is full its moment arm is further rear wards then when it is half full. I would say though in the 3 Drifters I owned over the years that I never noticed trim changes as I flew..🙂 .
  15. The request for actual evidence is “heat”........ Garfly, things not going as expected ?..😉 Some more on the corruption of Wikipedia... Here is some comments from one of Wikipedia’s main ‘editors’. Apparently juvenile name calling is OK if the other person is deemed to be on the wrong ‘side’..... “...They find it offensive? So what? I find their existence offensive, but I don’t expect them to do anything about it. They exist, I am offended, end of story. And they? People call them deniers, they are offended, end of story? No, they keep whining that people r
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