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  1. Yep. Trump got elected on a platform of getting rid of the corrupt and senile “elite ruling class”. Dunno how keen he were on the follow through, though he got turfed out before much happened. Now the US has got a senile President who seems to spend all his time at Camp David trying to channel some ‘West Wing’ inspiration, 😏 and a Vice President who is off to visit Vietnam....🤨 .
  2. Hmmm... a “spiral out of control” 🤔 ...I thought a plateau had been reached...😏 I guess the all-cause rates will show the reality. Seems every few years... “...2017-2018 influenza epidemic is sending people to hospitals and urgent-care centers in every state, and medical centers are responding with extraordinary measures: asking staff to work overtime, setting up triage tents, restricting friends and family visits and canceling elective surgeries, to name a few...” https://time.com/5107984/hospitals-handling-burden-flu-patients/
  3. If you know yer got the ‘B’ grade product though want to keep yer-self in the ‘game’ ...What do you do..🤔..😏 .
  4. Seems AstraZeneca also has a bridge fer sale in Sydney harbour..😏 “...AstraZeneca’s chief executive, Pascal Soriot, said last month that “at some point in the future” the company would raise its prices, adding: “We cannot be a non-profit forever, but we will never intend to make large profits.”...” “We will never intend to make large profits” Gawd, I love it...😂 Buy now, pay later... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/11/covid-19-vaccines-the-contracts-prices-and-profits 😂😂😂 .
  5. I have long been a supporter of people who have some severe and untreatable condition being able to try whatever novel and unapproved treatment they desire. Their body, their choice. As to the current China virus. It is now fairly well documented just who is likely to have serious problems if they get the virus. If you determine that you are an at risk individual then the vaccine seems to me to be an acceptable risk even though we don’t know the long term effects of the vaccines. I do not believe I am currently in the at risk category so will not be getting vaccinated
  6. “...Afraid and anxious...” Heh, that’d make a good bumper sticker fer me 190 horsepower Ducati Panigale (Motor bike) While I’m thinking of vehicles, it reminds me of the Pangale’s first service. Bit longer then normal due to a recall notice they needed to attend to. Then there’s me near ten year old Hiace van. I only recently had a recall notice attended to after a couple of years of reminders from Toyota. Legal liability must be a real pain fer them car manufacturers, if only they were in the business of selling vaccines. So much easier...🙂
  7. Sad day. Due to the debris spread it looks like the wings separated well before the crash.
  8. 🤔 I am still in the middle of reading the posts and posting my reply’s. Some posts I have read just now will require further research before I can ‘fully’ attend to them..😎 .
  9. The last time I had me tetanus booster shot I knew it were well proven and I did not believe it to be a rushed experimental shot that the manufacturers will not provide without full legal indemnity... .
  10. Do the manufacturer of your car have legal indemnity against any faulty product claims ? 🤔 .
  11. A question I have asked before. Do the vaccine manufacturers still have legal indemnity ? 🤔 .
  12. Knock on wood to be sure, eh..😏... “...President Joe Biden claimed in an interview Wednesday no one was getting killed around the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, despite reports of 12 deaths in the area...” https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/08/19/joe-biden-claims-no-ones-being-killed-right-now-in-kabul-despite-reports-of-12-deaths/ .
  13. onetrack, the link I referenced did not claim the flag was flown. Although my first impression were the same as yours, the actual article makes no such claim. The June 6th tweet from the US Afghan embassy: “...The month of June is recognized as (LGBTI) Pride Month. The United States respects the dignity & equality of LGBTI people & celebrates their contributions to the society. We remain committed to supporting civil rights of minorities, including LGBTI persons...” https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/08/pride-comes-fall-us-embassy-kabul-celebrati
  14. The wokest of the ‘Woke’ generals explains... General Milley: “The Taliban are in and around Kabul right now but they are not interfering with our operations.” Meanwhile... “...Women cry and plead with US soldiers to let them in the gate at the Kabul Airport...” https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/08/video-horror-kabul-taliban-begins-home-searches-public-beatings-women-scream-help-outside-airport-gate-traitors-beaten-street-40000-americans-remain-trapped-country/ .
  15. Have a listen at about the 2 and a half minute mark of the Avi Yemini video again and you will see he references the ‘unreported’ muslim community outbreaks of west Sydney. .
  16. Apparently, Trump is to blame...😏 (Apologies for the large print, seems to be no way to tone it down) “Despite nearly 100 percent of Gibraltar “fully vaccinated” in accordance with government guidelines, the nation is being locked down once again... ...According to reports, the number of new Chinese Virus cases in Gibraltar has increased by over 2,500 percent since June 1, which is when the country achieved a 99 percent vaccination rate... ...This just goes to show that the “Operation Warp Speed” vaccines introduced by Donald Trump, who has repea
  17. Looking through the “Rancho Maranatha” youtube library titles I see he leads an event filled aviation life..😎 ...dunno why, but the Dave Allen golfing episode just occurred to me... .
  18. Meanwhile, journalist Avi Yemini ‘doorstops’ some journalists at work... What’s Avi referring to about where the big outbreaks are in Sydney... 🤔........🤫 .
  19. Bingo. So, if you punch a pregnant women in the stomach and the unborn child dies you will only go to court for the punch ? .
  20. Yep. The comparison between the Denmark and Sweden all-cause death rate is stark. Have a look-see at the Euromomo all cause death rate graphs: https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps/ Of interest is the UK breakdowns between England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island. Why is Wales so low ? .
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