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Hi fellow pilots and guests.



How’s this for a story of governMENTAL bureaucratic bungling bullsh!@!!!



I own a red ASIC and went through the hoops as many of us have. I also have an Explosive Users Permit now called a licence due to WorkCover’s new regulations as another indirect repercussion from September 11 with the same intent of our ASIC.



On application I had to supply


  • 100 points of ID to the post office,
  • A letter of recommendation from my doctor saying that I was reasonable sain and no risk to the general public, could leap tall buildings in a single bound while igniting a safety fuse with a cigarette lighter on a windy day ;)
  • 2 passport photos signed off by a JP,
  • documentation stating what explosives I hold at home and info regarding their specialised code/hazard numbers/storage etc
  • And best of all $250 thanks for coming:crying:



Approximately 3 months lapsed and another letter in the mail with more documents to complete for:


· A Federal Police Check


· 2 more photos signed by a Justice of the Piece


· Another $150 & thanks for coming:crying:



I had jack of these fools by this stage so I gave them a call on their 13 number only to be placed in the que for 25 minutes, tempers were starting to flare to say the least. I eventually spoke to someone who did not have a bloody clue what the hell was going on, did not know about ASIC as I calmly explained to her that I was already cleared by the Australian Government and deemed to be of sound character ( however; all my mates have another opinion of me!). I got absolutely nowhere so I wished them a nice day and may their budgies turn into emu’s and “well we know the rest of the story, don’t we?†Needless to say I departed with my money AGAIN otherwise I would have lost my original $250 and would have needed to do the blasting course all over again at TAFE.



I got my $400 Explosive Users Licence the other day in the mail which is good for 5 years so I am told and NO BLOODY PHOTO!!! Now someone here in Australia has 4 passport photos of myself signed off by a JP, how secure are they??? Can someone go into an airport with intensions of injustice and photos of my ugly moosh on a ASIC? I HOPE NOT!!!, me old mate David Koch from Sunrise will surely get a copy of this post so be watching.



Honestly these guys in high places who we depend on keeping Australia up to global standards with security/economy etc etc have some serious explaining to do don’t you think.



I would love to hear from others who use this forum to give me their views on my concerns and if they have been dicked around with something similar to my experiences.



Have a great day.






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G'day Knighty


But how do you really feel about this?


We too have just been thru the hoops/maze with the change to the Workcover licensing for explosives for a little bit of dirt and a couple of EL's that we have a little east of you.


The Workcover stuff is State legislation whereas the ASIC is Federal.


Just for fun and to keep your hand in, I suggest that you now apply to carry your explosives aboard your Aeropup, and see how you go.


My ASIC was handled as smooth as silk ... but I am soon to apply for permission to occasionally transport a firearm aboard my J230 ..... so will let you know how many photos that takes.


Regards Geoff



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Guest micgrace

Hi All


I had my wallet stolen a while ago. That was an extreme example in frustration. Need duplicate licence. No ID, no licence round and round in circles we go. The passport for ID was useless. An expired d/licence useless.


I eventually got the bank to issue new c/cards. Plus got a phone in MY name, not pty ltd for additional id. Plus got a rental lease by my pty ltd to myself to prove living address.


As for an ASIC? or explosives licence if lost, I'd hate to see what happens.





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Hi Ya Captain


I must say that my ASIC was also handled as smooth as silk also, real shame about the WorkCover licence. I have had my criminal record checked 6 times now in the last 4 years mostly to do with my employment, its a shame that a current check doesnt hold any weight amonst local/state /federal gov departments as none of these fellows seem to comunicate too well.


As for applying to fly around with explosives Holly Molly would'nt that cause a stir! Don't know about transportation of firearms, been there done that at a MBZ as I walked across the apron holding a suspicious looking parcel on its way to a licenced dealer that was pre arranged. Sure glad no one pulled me up for this but I can tell you it was many years ago and I was not aware that any law had been broken at the time (still dont know of any law until I read your post).


Safe flying





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Guest Fred Bear

On a different subject...I do my own tax return and the one I did last (now last year) I mucked up so I had to amend it. Sent all the paperwork in etc. Do you think I have had my tax return from last year paid into my bank account yet? 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif068_angry.gif.e6e3bad802304927655e1c48b61088cd.gif068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif I don't bother calling them anymore. I get put on hold for 45mins to eventually be answered by someone that speaks little English and knows little of anything else 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif068_angry.gif.e6e3bad802304927655e1c48b61088cd.gif Will be interesting to see what the ATO does to me this year at tax time!



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Hi Knighty


You quoted a "red" ASIC.


Is there any significance in the colour?


I did a Google search for "CASA firearms" and came up with the following site;-




The following is extracted from the top of that site


"Provisions for dangerous goods carried by passengers and crew




The items in this table are the dangerous goods that passengers may take with them when they fly. Airlines and security screening agencies still have the right to refuse the carriage of certain items. Refer to the columns to see if the items can be carried in your check-in baggage, in your carry on baggage or on your person (in your pockets).


This table is valid from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2007


For the full text of the dangerous goods that passengers and crew may carry, refer to Note 1.1 in Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 92.030 "





which is located at the following site:-




I have not read it


My ASIC took 3 months from the time the material was posted to the RAA office until it arrived.


How do we get on while waiting for the new card as we have to return the old card before a new one can be issued????





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The clause that has triggered the need to apply for permission is as follows, taken from CASA's VHF Guide 2007 on their website:




A person, including a flight crew member, shall not, except with the permission of CASA, carry a firearm in, or have a firearm in his or her possession in, an aircraft other than an aircraft engaged in charter operations or regular public transport operations.


My experience has been that putting them into the cargo area of a commercial carrier is pretty routine. But is an issue in aircraft such as ours or GA.


This was also discussed in another post back about 3rd qtr 2006.



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