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Some Drifter Pics

Guest Fred Bear

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Guest Fred Bear

Hello all. Here are some of my pics from the backseat of Sunnys Drifter


"Bird". This is out of The Oaks NSW on various days. Sorry I did not


have the camera for todays Coastal flight down to Wollongong. Gloves


were too thick to take pics but my Nomex flying gloves are on the


way!!! Note: All the pics involving cloud were taken with 100% vis at


all times, ie, we were flying around these clouds at 4,500ft not into


them!!! Enjoy and fly safe!!!



















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Guest Fred Bear

No worries Gregg. Thanks for the comments. It was there but you can see maybe 1/8th cloud and the rest was clear and we did not pass through at any stage. I love the Drifter. It's a true form of flight!!!



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Hi Darren and Emma


Well done on your website. It looks like you guys know how to have fun. Fly safely. PS Some clouds have big lumps of aluminum in them! If they stay in there we will be fine!




Ed Herring



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A drifter in action. This is a shot of take off from back yard. 300m strip with 7m downhill and takeoff over empty paddocks and cane fields. Plenty of room for the 503 wire braced.





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Guest Relfy75

Awesome pictures. I am really keen to get into this sport or way of life as it seems, from reading this forum. Can anyone tell me what the rotax is like and what the different sizes are like reliablility wise etc? Is maintenance very expensive? Any info that anyone can provide would be much appreciated.



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