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  1. Hello All, Please see below. It is true that not all their answers are correct. I believe you should visit this question. From memory, there were 2 yes and 2 no answers. I originally answered one of the no ones. On reviewing answers before submission, I came across the published information for BRS. This included the following: The safety pin only secures the firing handle to its mount. It does not prevent triggering if the housing is pulled forcefully. For example, if you were to remove the canister mount and pull
  2. Hello Geoff, The way we used to accomodate heavier pilots was to put them in the back seat. Obvious problem with this is you always need some balast for the front seat. Another annoying characteristic for this balast is the reqirement that the balast must have a pilot certificate as the front seat is the command seat! Apart from that, you would need to have a 19 reg drifter so you could modify the beastie to get the C of G correct. For certified drifters, the rear seat is close to the C of G, but it may be possible to add balast to the seat backing safely to give you the correct C
  3. Hello All, I have just had a quick look at the posts and might just add a few thoughts. The battery was originally placed there to get the C of G within range of standard pilot weights for drifters in those times (69-92kg) after fitting the heavier 582's. 455 must be one of the early 582's, and so I imagine it is either 25 or 55 reg? you are not supposed to modify these aircraft (CAO 95.55). This has your and any passengers safety at heart. As you have heard from all the above responses, there are many factors involved when you modify, and some of them we don't even think
  4. Our drifter is going to need a rebuild in the near future. Does anyone know if someone is doing rebuilds?
  5. Hello, I have a set of spats, hubs and rims for sale. from a 1988 model 503. $300 for lot.
  6. Hello All, I fly my wire braced around most weekends and get around 60 hrs a year up in small flights. Land at Bundy for a coffee and chat a lot of weekends and show the flag around the metal and plastic. Keep the beast in the backyard so it is easy to go for a quick blast is you get the itch. Anyone passing Bundy is welcome to drop in for a coffee/tea, just let me know and I'll give you details.
  7. yes HPD you speak truth. All things you say are correct to my knowledge. I was an instructor at Austflight when the said French accent scared himself test flying the new 582 with the large nose pod. If anyone has any doubt as to what effects the larger nose pod has on airflow over the tail, just stick your hand on top of the windshield during flight. There will be a marked increase in tail flutter. Safe flying all
  8. Hello there all, I have been looking at circuit height stuff and if you look into AIP ENR 1.1 PARA 57 it explains circuit conduct for non controlled aerodromes. Points are: 300 ft below circuit height before turning cross wind 1/2 to 3/4 NM from runway as recommended distance for piston aircraft 500 feet agl circuit height for a/c with max 55 kts speed. For 500' circuit you must fly straight until you get to 500'. (Car 166) and you must descend straight for at least 500m before the threshold on final (CAR 166) drifter/ thruster jockeys should be flying a closer 500'
  9. Just got back to forums after long delay. Busy, Busy. The wire braced is a fantastic aircraft to fly. It is much lighter than the SB and has a smaller nose pod. The enlargement of the nose pod, the addition of the 582 and associated bits and pieces (electric start etc.) has changed the characteristics of the Drifter. The extra weight adversly affected their flying characteristics and the big pod, whilst keeping a bit of wind off the driver changed the aerodynamics so that the large nose pod Drifters can have difficulty coming out of inadvertant spinning. The lighter weight of the 503
  10. Hello there southerners. Just been for a lovely fly in the Drifter. Light winds, warm weather (no Jacket required). Sometimes you can be lucky in Windyberg.
  11. You can download all the rotax manuals from the rotax web site. All information is in there. Those CPS books are like gold and if you do not have one I would suggest getting one. Far more detail about RPM, Cooling, EGT and fault finding. Freddy
  12. hello, It sounds as you may be very lucky. Do you have points or dual CDI. If you have points, check the timing. When it is slightly out it can do very funny and intermittent things like your problem. You should also never descend on low power. Firstly the engine cools too much. You may have had an overly cool engine and it did not want to run smoothly:crying: . The most severe event would be a cold seisure. Always warm engine every 500' and keep exhaust temp up. Better still take a the long route down with more power on.:) The other problem is lubrication. As the lube comes wi
  13. Turtle, Thanks for that info. I was really after information on the progress of the drifter factory. Know anything? TA Freddy
  14. Hello out there, Have been trying to find out what is happening at Dalby and can't seem to find anything at all. If there is anyone who knows, please share with us if possible. TA Freddy
  15. freddy

    Flight Suits

    We have dri-riders. They are motor bike suits and are good because they are designed for wind proofing and for inactivity whilst riding a bike. They are very warm and lightweight. For winter flying. We have had outs for 15 years.
  16. Hello out there, Went to a meeting a while ago with a research fellow to give CASA feedback on the ASIC. This fellows ears were burning red hot. I hope the message got back to CASA and were not diluted by this researcher, even though he tried to moderate our comments at the time we left him in no doubt of the exact wording he should use. During this I was researching the rules and regs and found a little snippet of information that could be useful to use against the SS types. They should not only have an ASIC but also a security identification. It is an offence for them not to produce
  17. The aircraft you want will be based on what you want to do with it. For fun flying around the padock with the occasional epic, you can't beat a Drifter. Smooth conditions early morning or late afternoon and the drifter goes on like a glove. Should you want to travel distances regularly something speedier would be great. I still like the 95.25 503 wire braced drifters. The early ones are a lot lighter than the 582 or strut braced machines and fly much better. I instructedfrom the factory when the first 582 was released and it is chalk and cheese. The 582 can climb much better, but it d
  18. freddy

    Some Drifter Pics

    A drifter in action. This is a shot of take off from back yard. 300m strip with 7m downhill and takeoff over empty paddocks and cane fields. Plenty of room for the 503 wire braced.
  19. we also have differential cable brakes. Works well for narrow strips and turning circles. Brakes on drifters have always been ordinary. Many mods have been tried. There are some that actually work. Have been flying drifters for 17 years and always remember if stopping is marginal, switch off engine- it makes a big difference even at idle power. cheers pete
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