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  1. Ha! It appears the youtube censors have quite rightly deleted your filthy aviation porn!
  2. I wish to exchange the mechanical guts of 3" cable-driven, vintage RPM instrument with 'impulse-activated' innards salvaged from a modern electronic tacho. A google search tells me, with careful procedures (no instructions) this a relatively straight-forward conversion however I've got 10 thumbs and no cojones so am not game to try it. Can anyone steer me towards a technician/service who might do the deed? The current black plastic tacho with red-painted wide needle just doesn't look the part in the Pietenpol. Tks in anticipation. Riley
  3. A few years back, after the passing of a flyer mate, I was asked by the family if I would do a 'low & over' of his old stomping grounds to achieve his wish of having his ashes spread over the countryside that he grew up in. I'm very happy to take what's left of Pud on one last flight but ...... I've heard from various sources that, unless done correctly, the ashes have a better than average chance of ending up back in the enclosed cockpit (Champ 7BCM tandem) than in the slip stream. Accordingly, I'd welcome any pointers - do's - don't do's from anyone who's been down this track. Standi
  4. Shortly before Tony's exit I visited with he and Kay at Watts and he put me unto the geezer on Bribie Island who held the moulds and was making pods, carry-thru bar enclosures, doors etc for TSOG. I purchased two sets of T300 cabin enclosures to carry back to WA. (still have my unused set surplus now to requirements) and, buried somewhere, will have the fellow's details. Give me a day or two and I'll dig out the aged gen and, if contactable, he may have info as to the whereabouts of the 'Sprint' moulds. cheers
  5. Having achieved the status of octagenerian with too many aircraft, I recently (somewhat reluctantly) sold my Thruster Gemini to a pair of young (they're not even 30 yet!) Thruster enthusiasts. They already possess every issue of the now defunct TSOG bulletin thus I have a full set of Tony Hayes' informative epistles available at no charge to anyone who might put them to good use. Forwarding costs to the new custodian. Riley
  6. Thanks SD. I'll ultimately resort to that if I can't get the curved 'real thing' cheers
  7. Thanks for the info Gents. Looks like Mylar is the most suitable. Can anybody point me in the right direction for a supply source in OZ that sells the strips and relevant safety and transfer tape by the meter rather than 33meter rolls? Tks Riley
  8. Gentlemen (and Ladies) I'm seeking informed response as to what is the most successful and long-lasting, clear gap-seal tape for use on painted fabric aileron and empennage surfaces. Advice on your experience (good/bad) and supply source with a good/best Australian procurable seal stripping would be very much appreciated. Tks in anticipation. Riley.
  9. Franco, for a man of 47 years, you're a smooth-looking dude. The Hemsworth bros would have serious competition if you lived in Hollywood or they lived in Deeral! Keep it up (the Drifter, dammit)
  10. Fellow had one in a gyro here in the west about 7 or 8 years back but pulled it in favour of a R914 Rotax because of continued dis-satisfaction. I don't know/can't remember what his problems were. If you get to the point of seriously wanting Simonini info, give me a hoy and I'll try to chase him down so you can pick his brains. Riley
  11. Greetings snowydave On the weekend dug out L/wing components, brushed off dust/birdsh-t, took photos, made notes and now can't find your contact details. Please get back to me w/ phone nr and email address. tks Riley
  12. Nah. Was lucky (…. Nev ??) to get unto a newly built 5 brg converted Corvair and prop in Vic from a fellow who ended up buying a fully rigged experimental before he started building his kit fuselage. Cost me very little more than what it would have to buy, import and build the smashed engine. Time will tell how much luck is involved.
  13. What else but a Pietenpol Aircamper? (but I'll cut you some slack). I needed a new engine because the original Corvair suffered a catastrophic in-flight self destruction - burned piston face, broken rod, split cylinder barrel and other massive problems in 3 out of the 6 cylinders. Guess the Alsatian must have got to that one first? I got called out to retrieve it from the forced landing site and ultimately bought the carcass from the disgruntled owner a few years later and have just completed the much-longer-than-anticipated repower. Looking now for a decent w/end met forecast to hopeful
  14. Hell Nev, I wish you'd told me that before I spent two years and a bunch of coin installing a 5 brg Corvair only to find out now that it's nowt but a canine pisspot! Gonna shoot that damn dog!
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