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  1. Hi Folks Airsport flying school at Boonah Airfield is now home to an immaculate, 1947 Aeronca Chief, a genuine classic side by side taildragger aeroplane bursting with old school charm. It is currently undergoing some final touches at UIltimate Aero and will be available for tail wheel endorsements and pleasure cruising very soon. It has a quaint automotive interior and performance to match many LSA trainers on the market, whilst offering a chance to experience old world charm in a fully refurbished and immaculate aircraft. (07) 5463 4028 www.airsportqld.com,au
  2. Just saw this now. Yes there used to be a blue Hyperlite at Boonah. Many years ago. It went for a buzz one windy morning and came back with battle scars, then disappeared.
  3. Watched it whilst mid downwind. Looks like the right wing stalled on take off and it rolled steeply to the right heading for the crowd and flight line but I think maybe the wingtip dug in, so lucky it didn't roll inverted
  4. Well Aldo On behalf of the members of the SPFC allow me to offer my apologiesfor the way you felt when you visited. Mason Field is and always has been a private airfield and under strict agreements with the GCCC,. However, it is by far one of the friendliest and most welcoming flying clubs In Australia, and boasts an active membership who welcome enthusiasts or potential members with open arms. which makes me sad to hear of your negative experience. Please PM me youd like a proper,welcome or tour etc. . If you're interested I can arrange another visit and perhaps a flight with one of the many
  5. Treat the nose wheel as if it were made of glass.
  6. Treat the nose wheel as if it were made of glass.
  7. Ultimate Aero Boonah
  8. XP503

    Drifter Heaven

    How much Geoff ! Pics?
  9. Last I knew it was at YJCW, in a former life it has been on its back landing in long grass, minimal damage so righted and flown home! I know a chap who used to own a share in it he has since bought his own wire braced.
  10. Hello guys, I want to organise a Fly-In and I'm interested to hear other peoples advice, warnings, suggestions or first hand experiences in doing just that. The event I am dreaming up will be targeted to pilots of a specific aircraft but by no means strictly exclusive. My main concern is legalities and all that BS, I hear all the time that the humble fly in of the AUF days can't exist anymore due to red tape, liability concerns etc etc. Am I better off not calling it a fly in or even an event? A bootleg fly in of sorts. Hit me with your thoughts folks!
  11. G'day Patrick, try Rob on 0457 780 436 or Richard on 0754632476
  12. I should be there in the Waco
  13. Space at Boonah, call Ian McGregor on 54634028
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