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  1. How many hours was he flying for before the crash? the level of concentration would be very high for a helicopter flying. I see something about they would two hour flying stints in the old hueys when they had two pilot.
  2. This post started about a bent vixen then went to people in white shirts with generous figures then to wine lets see were it goes next.
  3. This is the one i picked up on the cheap from FB sales
  4. Thanks Matt that was the answer i was hoping for.
  5. As you would know we are being punished for speaking out. but the upside is we get to keep the wine.
  6. Hay jut got myself a wireless GPS receiver for iPad oz runways i wanted to know if you can just blue tooth your iPad to it and you won't have a need to put a sim card in your iPad.
  7. Wine could be issue. After the latest news on china's five year tariff on Australian wine could mean it will be even cheaper.
  8. Speaking as a reformed obese person also a reformed smoker. life would be very uncomfortable for guys in the white shirts
  9. Look like they have been doing a bit of testing. Now that theirs a few fox bats on the market they might be able to get a replacement.
  10. I was thinking of joining this syndicate spoke with the person who ran the syndicate and he mentioned the high cost of insurance so after this mishap they could have some issues. Also who are those guys in the white shirts
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