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  1. I think that aircraft was the only one of it's type in OZ.
  2. shafs64


    Well that explains.
  3. shafs64


    it's 771 matts s model at full nose up trim you still need back pressure on the stick. just send us a text if you are going Friday.
  4. shafs64


    Hi is it normal for the Savannah to run out of nose up trim in full flaps
  5. Good to see it came with it's own hanger.
  6. Hi, can I ask where you pick that t83 from?
  7. Sad days for there family's and its December. As pilots we really need to get our heads in the game.
  8. All donations from these people should banned. also retiring politicians should not be allowed to work for them in any form after leaving politics.
  9. I find it odd the culture of i am a real man so i don't need a BRS. people joke about cirrus aircraft fly-ins where they all use there chutes to land. its a bit like the seat belt culture and smoking change takes time.
  10. Most would hand over a kidney to have a BRS in a time like that.
  11. shafs64

    T85 manual

    Hi does anyone have any info on were you can get a manual for a T85 or any single or two seat.
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