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  1. Found this on a you tube show called in the hanger.
  2. I was thinking the same as you doing stuff that can make me sick later in the flights. I really enjoyed the flight and was surprised that i got sick as i have never experienced motion sickness. crossed bass strait a few times in rough seas and watched heaps of people getting sick but not me. but nut now i have joined that club.
  3. That's for the tips. I am looking at going back with Colin soon,
  4. I find it odd that he would risk flying unlicensed. But wouldn't tell ATC he was in trouble and insist he needed help.
  5. This was the first time i have ever felt sick on a aircraft. So i was surprised and it started when he was doing a demo of steep high g turn and i wasn't on the controls.
  6. Funny story my wife took some sea sickness meds on a trip back from tassie we booked a nice cabin romance and all that. She slept all the way back to melb. thanks for the tips.
  7. It's a robin rego is NZT I started to feel sick after the high g steep turn. And that when i wasn't on the controls.
  8. Well i went there to do the aerobatic frill ride but now it's turned training to help me with my confidence. by the does anyone have any tips on avoiding getting sick. should i not eat before i fly?
  9. I held it because i am not a fan of messy situations. but he did have a spew bag ready for me just in case. he also so said a lot of people don't even make it past the first High G steep turn.
  10. So today i felt 4g for the first time and other angles of flight that i have only seen from the ground. I really enjoyed the going vertical running out of airspeed and feeling the 0g and kicking in the rudder and going back down again. unfortunately i we had to cut it short as i got sick as a dog and didn't want to drive the porcelain bus in the plane. But i will be going back. it's just awesome...
  11. Looks like there will be a few fox bats on the market.
  12. Also went out for some ginger beer today.
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