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  1. my last passenger, a retired Meteor pilot and engineer from the 2nd world war, great flight and nice to share it with my passenger.
  2. That's what I understand, I have a manual from Kay and it is fantastic, a little dated but definitely a workable reference document. I am discussing with RAA regarding maintaining the 25 reg and doing my level 2 maintainers cert, I've gotten in contact with Bob and a few others and am trying to build a base of information, I was hoping it was going to be a quick process but alas it will take a while, I am from Dutch / Irish heritage so I am stupidly determined / stubborn and I'll get it there. My hope is that there is an online resource available for FREE to all who want it, plus contacts of t
  3. As far as landing, I have a preference for wheelers when there is plenty of runway, if it's a short strip I'll do a 3 point landing, practise both plenty so they come naturally, they are an easy aircraft to fly and forgiving.
  4. Oscar, could I have his name and number also, I might need a few bits also.
  5. Charlie 1, I am rebuilding a T300 myself, the Thruster is an amazing aircraft, you will love it. I built a Fisher Mk1 and fly that every chance I get, the T300 will be done by the end of the year ( I hope ). I am getting Emah to do new skins for mine, they are way past a usable state, the aircraft I have is just neglected and needs the TLC and she will be right. Getting parts and advice is a little difficult but do-able. The 5 Thrusters I have flown ( T300, T500 Ann a single seater ) non had brakes as is the same on the one I have now, you don't really need them unless you are constantly on as
  6. i always have a small gap from the tip to the other side wall of the manifold, the metal will change temp a lot slower than the exhaust gas itself so you want an accurate as possible reading from the air was as it passes the tip. Just my 2cents worth.
  7. Sorry to hound you, have you sent the pm ? I'd like to get things moving along where I can. Pat
  8. just so you know we can't issue radar vectors to aircraft below the MSA for the Approach being flown at night or in VMC. What was done was to ensure separation and to get the situation safe, no TCAS alerts would have been issued as the only thing any of the three could do is climb anyway. Not the best situation but LAHSO comes with some risks. The Emirates heavy was slow to roll and that is what caused the situation to become unworkable. LAHSO has been suspended at night until a further investigation has been completed, we are all working to ensure the safest practises are used and that we rem
  9. Admin, looks great, is there any more ? Give him an inch and he'll ask for a mile. Are there any files, mods or other ? Can I edit any of the pages ?
  10. Admin, I hope life has calmed down a bit since last we spoke. I'd like to try and get the ball rolling if possible, let me know what we need to do.. Patrick
  11. Just a heads up to those Thruster lovers owners and just anyone interested in this amazing little aircraft, with the assistance from the wonderful Admin peops, I am hoping to get the Thruster page up and running soon, if you have anything to offer in the way of photos, videos, information, AD's, mods, manuals, tips or tricks, maintenance or construction information please pass it on and I will do my best to get it on the site. I have just purchased a lovely T300 that needs a good looking over and some new skins, I hope to post a few photos soon. Here she is being unloaded.
  12. Bob, are you still involved with this ?
  13. Ian, I have just taken ownership of a T300 and might be interested in getting the site back up, could you let me know what is involved as well as costs please.
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