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  1. BJFly

    RV4 Wanted.

    We have a Rans S-7S Courier (Tail Wheel), ideal bush aircraft and have been thinking of a change. Maybe an RV4? Flick me your mates details on a PM if he wants to investigate a deal.
  2. A few aircraft are meeting up for a weekend of flying and telling lies by the campfire. All welcome. Basic plan will be some local flying on Saturday, campfire and dinner. Sunday morning will be a tour of several local strips and likely end up at Biggenden Cafe for Breaky/Morno's. Good mix of strips, with some testing off airport fields for those that are able. Please let me know by the 8th of Nov if your intending to drop in so that I can organise the rationing. Contact Brett - [email protected]
  3. Fractions of a second count in parachuting. Several years ago I was involved in a similar incident. During my deployment I suffered a collision with an unseen team member still in FF. The only reason that my case wasn't fatal was the difference of a fraction of a second. My collision occurred as my canopy was still in its deployment bag, hence the speed differential whilst horrendous wasn't fatal. We both survived although I suffered permanent spinal injuries and spent the next two years in and out of hospital and wearing a brace. Fractions of a second! RIP..
  4. Latest video of the Courier playing in it's natural habitat. Natural Habitat of the Courier
  5. Short video of the Rans Courier in action earlier this week. Local Play Session in the Rans Courier
  6. A video from a recent gathering of bush flyers. Bush Flyers Down Under
  7. Couple of aircraft heading down from Childers. I'll be zooming down in the trusty Courier.
  8. A few photo's from recent exploits!
  9. Here's a video of some flying over the weekend. A Weekend flying the Courier
  10. Latest video, experimented with a new camera angle. Ride along in the Courier
  11. Short video of the Courier dropping into local properties. Dropping into Johns & Owens
  12. Short video from a couple of days flying last week. 2 Days in the Life Tweety & Courier
  13. Some in cockpit footage of the Courier doing some paddock bashing. Paddock Bashing in the Courier
  14. Here's a few pics of Courier exploits over the last couple of weeks.
  15. Latest video of the Courier out and about! Flying the Courier
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