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  1. My twopence worth! In my years as an aircraft mechanic the worst corrosion I ever saw was on ‘factory corrosion protected’ airframes! Not sure if he is on this forum but someone who owns several Aerospatiale Tobagos has had to scrap at least one because of severe corrosion and they are pretty much painted throughout! On my own CH701 I have only primed all mating surfaces
  2. derekliston

    ch701 story

    There are very few parts you cannot make for yourself and such as there are would be mainly engine or instrument related and they are items common to many types. If there are parts that you actually need to buy from Zenith, then James Fisher at Swish Projects is the very active and very helpful Australian agent. I love my CH701 and the only problem is I don’t fly it enough!!!
  3. I have 2 antennae but not being a radio man I wonder if it is possible to use a Y splitter like you can put on a television antenna?
  4. As per Kyle Communications comment, it doesn’t scan between two channels, but I did it that way for a couple of reasons, 1) I got a good deal on the pair from Jabiru 2) When I was building I was close to Amberley airspace so it gave me redundancy (Ok, 3 reasons!!) 3) It does let me monitor two frequencies.
  5. derekliston

    ch701 story

    ??????? Tell me more!
  6. Like a miniature Airspeed Ambassador with twice the engines!
  7. Trouble is they seem to be untouchable. Many have tried to change the ethic, none have succeeded!
  8. Why does none of that surprise me?
  9. I have two Flightline 760s with which I am happy so far, around four years!
  10. I have ADSB out in conjunction with Dyson Skyview which CASA say cannot be used for separation purposes (at least that was the story when I registered it!) so I am not sure what greater purpose it serves than just the transponder? But anyway, I have it along with Dyson GPS and dual radios. Whatever I can do to enhance my safety!
  11. I just completed that survey, I can’t see how it can hurt and it might, though I have my doubts, help!
  12. I bought streamline tube for my CH701 from Hughes Lightwing factory in Ballina.
  13. What is more annoying is that there is another post on here about the Seamew and Airtruk!!! Yet nobody picked it before pmccarthy! Well done that man.
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