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  1. Didn’t really think so, but it was the closest thing I could find!
  2. Without wishing to cause too much thread drift I have a story about Beagle. As a young know it all apprentice I visited Rearsby in the very early days of Beagle. I was actually doing an aircraft design course at Loughborough University ( I like telling people that, but it was actually a short course for amateurs held at the University over an Easter weekend!) Anyway, part of it was a visit to Beagle and I with all my knowledge told them that the Pup, with all it’s stretch formed skins, dissimilar material welding and complex oleo style main undercarriage was too complex to be a success. Stran
  3. Interesting, another dog! Shame though, it was a pretty aeroplane!
  4. Do you ever wonder if Beagle failed because they were all dogs, literally, Terrier, Airedale, Pup and Bulldog? I don’t remember if the twins had names, only remember their numbers!
  5. I used to help service one back around 1965 in Edinburgh. Quite a luxurious machine although typical early Beagle, probably heavy for what was the British equivalent of a C172. Had an interesting, supposedly thrust augmenter exhaust system.
  6. Possibly wrong but looks a lot like a Beagle Airedale?
  7. My CH701 sat untouched for two years because I was so pissed off with trying to interpret the plans. Eventually got back to work and finished it because it was worth nothing as a pile of bits if I wanted to sell it. I’ve been flying it for about four years now and I’m really glad I persevered.
  8. Back in the dark old days of the Vietnam war, Cavalier built or refurbished mustangs with turboprop engines replacing the Merlin’s. No idea off the top of my head what engines they were but unlikely to have been darts.
  9. Just perhaps another interesting quirk. In the instructions for the Zenith CH701 kit, amongst the list of required tools is a, wait for it, 8ft metric rule!
  10. I always remember when we first arrived in Australia 36yrs ago, I wanted to buy a 6ft length of 4x2. I was told they only had metric lengths and said Ok, I’ll have 2m and they said they only had 1.8m lengths!!!!!
  11. Hi Dafydd, You May not remember me but I was the LAME for Arena Aviation for the best part of ten years and you did an approved repair scheme for a PA38 rear spar carry through and a spar corrosion repair scheme for a PA28 for us. I currently have a Zenith CH701 which I built and which needs a bit of a repair. Are you still operating in a professional capacity? I can’t find you listed in the Yellow or White pages.
  12. Beautiful place to live! Welcome aboard.
  13. I like it, no change over airbox, no exhaust shroud, no scat hose, like I said, simple!
  14. There are a couple of different options available. I think my one came from x-air. It works well, simpler and lighter than the traditional hot air system. I am at Warwick in Qld, so really rarely have to use it, only know that it works from indicator light and increase in power consumption.
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