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  1. In that case mate, I don’t have a clue!!!
  2. Ignoring everything else, in that report this is reported as a Cessna 177RG Amateur built????
  3. Not quite sure what you mean by built in crosswinds but I’ll try again anyway! The Ercoupe?
  4. Well bully for you old chap, you must be a delight to know personally! The question was asked, my answer was given, nowhere did I or anyone else suggest that was the only answer!
  5. Seventy plus years of being an aeroplane nut helps! Memory goes back to seeing the Bristol Brabazon fly over Edinburgh. Add to that a bookshelf full of reference books and you have your answer!
  6. Haven’t seen that version of it before!
  7. Bit of a cheat really, not so much a guess as an ‘I know I’ve seen it before’ now I need to find it in my 60+ years worth of aircraft reference materials. Sometimes I can find it before anyone else, sometimes I can’t find it at all!
  8. Only telling you what she said!!! Irrelevant because here in Qld we are not currently in lockdown! Who knows for how long though???
  9. When Qld was in lockdown our CHO said, live on television,” A pilot getting into his aeroplane and going for a fly isn’t a threat, of course he isn’t” I was happy to take her at her word!
  10. Possibly the one that now resides in the Queensland Air Museum?
  11. Neither of those, simply saying I am of no help because I have no idea of the efficacy or otherwise of your suggestion and no need to find out because what I have is, for my requirements, perfectly adequate. If I had any idea or suggestions I would tell you!
  12. I am the only one who flies it and I built it so not likely to make that mistake. I also think that if you fit the caps 180° out the tubes wouldn’t be facing rear wards. Not sure how to explain that but the notches in the fuel tank flanges don’t align!
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