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  1. Biggest difference I have ever noticed between the two is that the mainwheels are on the inside of the legs on the Provost and the outside on the Winjeel!
  2. On my CH701 I have small tubes with about 3-4mm bore bent forward just above the cap. Every daily inspection I run a pipe cleaner through them to make sure they are clear. This has worked fine for 4+yrs apart from one very hot day with full tanks in the hangar and expansion caused fuel to leak out of the vents.
  3. Factory was in Caloundra! Had to visit it years ago for an aileron hanger repair kit.
  4. My CH701 also has the Junkers type ailerons and I definitely need rudder into the turns! So I agree with you on that one Nev (Not to say I ever disagree with you !!!!)
  5. I had a fly in one in England a long time ago, probably the British registered one in your photographs. It was restored by a friend/neighbour of mine, a Paul Longthorpe. It certainly was the strangest control setup I had ever seen , the rudder pedals were more like organ pedals than regular rudder pedals!
  6. Dead right mate and that is what I actually wrote, however I failed to proof read and that bloody spellcheck, as per normal, decided it knew better than I did what I wanted to write!!!!
  7. News from Zenith this morning that Chris Heinz, designer of most if not all of the range of Zenith aircraft, has died at his home in France.
  8. My Zenith CH701 is homebuilt on the VH register although it equally could be registered on the RAA system. Happens that I already had a PPL so it was just more convenient to register it thus!
  9. Not much point if I can’t get my one to work!!!
  10. I have a red cube on my Dyson Skyview installation and HAVE NEVER despite a lot of effort been able to make it work!
  11. My twopence worth! In my years as an aircraft mechanic the worst corrosion I ever saw was on ‘factory corrosion protected’ airframes! Not sure if he is on this forum but someone who owns several Aerospatiale Tobagos has had to scrap at least one because of severe corrosion and they are pretty much painted throughout! On my own CH701 I have only primed all mating surfaces
  12. derekliston

    ch701 story

    There are very few parts you cannot make for yourself and such as there are would be mainly engine or instrument related and they are items common to many types. If there are parts that you actually need to buy from Zenith, then James Fisher at Swish Projects is the very active and very helpful Australian agent. I love my CH701 and the only problem is I don’t fly it enough!!!
  13. I have 2 antennae but not being a radio man I wonder if it is possible to use a Y splitter like you can put on a television antenna?
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