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  1. ah it's just a little flu - just ask Bolsonaro (the Butcher of Brazil) gonna be a LOT of deaths, and (according to The Butcher) the Amazon Indians aren't worth saving, even though they "appear to getting more human every day" and one more small comment, just in case you weren't sure he is a moron - he's a Trump fan !!! BP
  2. yeah I remember walking through that one and thinking they had a long way to go - they were asking for donations so I put ten bucks in - twood be wonderful to see that big beastie in the sky again BP
  3. just ask the guys from Clifton, Lone Eagle Flying School, Trevor Bange CFI, they will know for sure BP
  4. interesting - my last motorcycle was the six cylinder 1,000cc Honda CBX - mein Gott you should have heard the sound that machine made at redline through aftermarket six into two exhausts - not quite as sweet as the recent V10 Formula One cars at 18,000 rpm but not far from it BP
  5. gee, thanks for the insult, much appreciated.... BP
  6. Hey Orf, I guess you heard about the Sabre that was doing some 'low flying' through the Gold Coast hinterland... The pilot hit an unseen (obviously!) high voltage cable, snapped it but he managed to get the aircraft back to Amberley, where it is now on display at their museum When you stand at the front of the aircraft you can plainly see the impact damage (repaired) across the middle of the air intake Lucky guy, methinks, that pilot.....nearly ripped the canopy off BP
  7. Seeing a couple of guys have mentioned motorcycles, I will too - a long time ago, Kawasaki brought out a machine called GPZ900 - or something like that... I worked for a motorcycle shop and my 'company vehicle' was one of these beasties I wanted to see how it would go through the gears at redline, so I went up to the top of the Brisbane freeway, turned around and headed back down towards BrisVegas Redlined it through the gears, in fourth it was still rock steady but getting scary fast - changed into top (6th) and glanced down at the speedo a few seconds later.. 240km/h and it was still goi
  8. There's one alongside a McDonalds somewhere in New Zealand - it's been converted to a 'diner', complete with a Perspex wall where the cockpit wall should be so you can see what remains of the dashboard - might have some pics of it somewhere. Kiwi can probably tell you what town it's in BP
  9. Please note I am commenting here only from flight simulator experience: I have written hundreds of flightsim articles for Oz aviation magazines, including Australian Flying, Aviator, and Australian Pilot. I always do as much 'real world' research on specific areas before writing articles, and NZ does have a certain reputation for slipping the surly bonds in such mountainous terrain. NZ authorities are aware of this and have published some terrific information on how to aviate safely in this environment in a 'small' aircraft. The sim I use is Microsoft FSX, due to be replaced by a super d
  10. There's a bloke who flies a red Drifter out of Gatton who got into trouble at NZ Customs when he was trying to board a plane for his trip back to the West Island. The Customs officer saw something move inside his rather large soft bag and asked him "what's in the bag, bro?" The reply was "just a wooly jumper"..... It certainly was - her name was Baaaaabraaaa……. BP
  11. g'day Clive - you've arrived in Oz at a very interesting time - remember the poem that mentions "drought, and flooding rain" - it left out bushfires!!! in fact you've turned up just after most of that nastiness, all that green stuff you can see on the ground wasn't here a month ago... if you like 'country' flying with all the benefits that brings you might want to check out these guys at Boonah (about two hours drive from Brisbane, but a 'nice' drive, not through traffic). https://airsportqld.com.au/ they do have aircraft for hire but the big deal is the scenery and the extremely quiet f
  12. they're out there all right - I'll make this short because I may have already mentioned it on this forum - when I was at Oakey back in the '70s we had a problem with an old fella who didn't like the idea of the 'new fangled controlled airspace' right in the middle of one of his favourite tracks, from his place to his mates place... every now and then he'd turn up, he started to fly low (I mean fence height) in the hope we wouldn't spot him. I was in the tower one day when he was spotted, the controller said "Johnny, is that you out to the north of the 'field? - you know you're supposed to
  13. my poor old 582 (3,500 + hours, a lot of them spent chasing sheep and checking bores) has been sold as a basket case due to needing a lot of work, including new skins sold to a consortium of Drifter Drivers, one of them a genius by the name of Manfred. she's been rebuilt in Boonah and looks like she came out of the factory yesterday as for a Drifter for me? at this stage the only one I will be in command of is the 6 foot wingspan radio control model I will build - soon ! with electric power no less..... I happen to have a nice little 200 metre landing strip in my back yard, so.....
  14. nobody has mentioned the E word - would have to be an option, albeit not a cheap one I'm surprised nobody has made a comment about the video of my "scary" airfield....used only for RC aircraft now, probably better suited to that really - yes, the Drifter has been sold - needed a LOT of recon work BP
  15. OK Johno, you get into the ceiling over the bar and cut those speaker wires, we'll see you back in the bar for free drinks.....
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