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  1. FACTUAL?????? and is unsensationalisticismy a word? sorry did I spell that wrong? the media did a pretty good job for once? you've lost me m8, we live on different planets. as for judging what I think I know, all I have done is to take into account the information presented and make some comments on that information - something that most members of this fine forum do on a regular basis, until we have ALL the correct information - and then we can say "aha, I was wrong, but from prior information given it was a fair assumption to suggest what might have happened" I'm looking forward t
  2. mein Gott is there no end to the ridiculous garbage that is published by the "media" ??? the following are from the channel 9 reports - let me know if you can make any sense of these quotes from the "reporter", taking into account photos/video/pilot statements: "the aircraft was left dangling upside down in the trees" "the aircraft crashed into trees before hitting the ground" "the plane is completely upside down" it's a terrible shame the passenger was seriously injured from the fall to the ground after releasing his harness - perhaps the smoke in the cockpit convinced him a fire was
  3. some interesting comments in this thread...first time I got on a horse I was appalled to discover the way I was supposed to stop it was to pull on a little leather strap and, as my instructor said, "hope for the best". didn't turn out well. I've ridden a lot of motorcycles over the years, had many close calls - I was lucky. one thing about comparing flying to driving is that in the sky, 747s don't ever fly towards you at a closing speed of 200kph and miss you by - oh, about two metres. unless you make a tiny navigational error and end up flying over an international airport. at least yo
  4. ah it's just a little flu - just ask Bolsonaro (the Butcher of Brazil) gonna be a LOT of deaths, and (according to The Butcher) the Amazon Indians aren't worth saving, even though they "appear to getting more human every day" and one more small comment, just in case you weren't sure he is a moron - he's a Trump fan !!! BP
  5. yeah I remember walking through that one and thinking they had a long way to go - they were asking for donations so I put ten bucks in - twood be wonderful to see that big beastie in the sky again BP
  6. just ask the guys from Clifton, Lone Eagle Flying School, Trevor Bange CFI, they will know for sure BP
  7. Can't see why it can't be done - if I'm turning onto base other pilots will look to that area and expect me to be there - they don't expect to see me doing a perfect little ninety degree turn and then straighten up - same goes for my call to say I am turning onto final - they will see me in a descending turn towards the runway and in a few seconds they will see me lined up with the runway. From my experience I have to say that it's unlikely to find an aircraft where they say they are, even in the circuit. I know of pilots that deliberately move the aircraft offline immediately after liftof
  8. one of the things I liked about the Drifter is the way they land, at least the way I was taught to land one - throttle off at end of downwind (at which stage the Drifter feels like it hit a brick wall), stick forward fast, I always kept the nose well down and flew fast (50 knots) all the way to threshold, washing off the last 20 knots in a three point attitude. when I hear about this kind of accident it's just so upsetting, such a terrible waste and my condolences to the pilots family. I've read a lot about stall turns in the circuit and I wonder if it's about time we started introducing t
  9. interesting - my last motorcycle was the six cylinder 1,000cc Honda CBX - mein Gott you should have heard the sound that machine made at redline through aftermarket six into two exhausts - not quite as sweet as the recent V10 Formula One cars at 18,000 rpm but not far from it BP
  10. gee, thanks for the insult, much appreciated.... BP
  11. Hey Orf, I guess you heard about the Sabre that was doing some 'low flying' through the Gold Coast hinterland... The pilot hit an unseen (obviously!) high voltage cable, snapped it but he managed to get the aircraft back to Amberley, where it is now on display at their museum When you stand at the front of the aircraft you can plainly see the impact damage (repaired) across the middle of the air intake Lucky guy, methinks, that pilot.....nearly ripped the canopy off BP
  12. Seeing a couple of guys have mentioned motorcycles, I will too - a long time ago, Kawasaki brought out a machine called GPZ900 - or something like that... I worked for a motorcycle shop and my 'company vehicle' was one of these beasties I wanted to see how it would go through the gears at redline, so I went up to the top of the Brisbane freeway, turned around and headed back down towards BrisVegas Redlined it through the gears, in fourth it was still rock steady but getting scary fast - changed into top (6th) and glanced down at the speedo a few seconds later.. 240km/h and it was still goi
  13. There's one alongside a McDonalds somewhere in New Zealand - it's been converted to a 'diner', complete with a Perspex wall where the cockpit wall should be so you can see what remains of the dashboard - might have some pics of it somewhere. Kiwi can probably tell you what town it's in BP
  14. that twin at saint marten - just crazy - I was yelling GO AROUND! before he even passed the half way point on the flightsim I've landed here many times and it's always a great feeling when you get it spot on - actually quite hard to do in a light twin, btw easy in a Twotter or Porter, after seeing that video I thought I could do better in a twin - took me quite a while to get it done - but I went around when it wasn't going to happen !!! look at some of the videos on YouTube and see the way some of those Twotter guys fly down the hill on short final - terrific skills... BP
  15. sorry guys, I posted before reading all those already made - my bad
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