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  1. Wow. Who dug this 10 year old thread up?
  2. The problem is, everyone with a ticket suddenly becomes an instructor and the quality of responses diminishes within a few posts. I very rarely if ever offer advice to students in public anymore.
  3. I should have added.. If we cant find an instructor, we will train a suitable candidate, for the cost of the aeroplane only!. So if you are interested in becoming an Instructor and live near Moruya, watch this space!
  4. All of them!! Lol Seriously tho, we have a gazelle, a sportstar and an atec Faeta. Great opportunity for anyone who likes costal living :)
  5. Hey all. We have an opportunity for an instructor on the south coast. The position is for a senior RAA instructor ( preferably) in a thriving club in Moruya NSW. It's a great gig in a fantastic little coastal town, with accomodation available at the airfield. We thought we would advertise here first before posting to AFAP. Mods, fee free to move this post if it's in the wrong place :) Cheers
  6. Wow..Cool video.. Im sure if anybody posted videos of instruction, we would find people disagree with lots of detail. there are a few things I would argue are not the norm..But I wont. All though I have to say.. Initial actions in an engine failure is certainly NOT Carby, fuel pump attitude. Enjoy the training mate. Great fun the jabs :)
  7. Im not sure what we are discussing here? We all know the rules, and consequence for breaking them can result in your death. This is not new info, its not a new idea.
  8. Great movie, and some little pilot Gems hidden throughout ;)
  9. A good teacher encourages pilots to follow the rules. We dont break the rules to prove a point. Theres nothing complicated about it.
  10. Yes Nev. It was an overload of the pilot situation. She could easily hand fly the appch, but as if just to allign some swiss cheese perfectly, the AP went down right in the middle of an appch change and some agressive vectoring from ATC.
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