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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking for strips to fly into where I'm able to walk/bike a reasonable distance to camp somewhere for a night. I've done Fraser Island before (flew into Wanggoolba) and I'm kind of interested in doing it again albeit this time spending a little more time there, but I'm not too keen on the $75 landing fee. I'm thinking about possibly flying in to Forster down near Newcastle, the owners are apparently friendly and there should be some way of hitching up a boat ride into town since Forster is a pretty popular tourist spot. Does anyone know of any other strips suitable to camp
  2. Yep, the ATSB report to me is a lot of words without really saying much
  3. Gympie is such a lovely airport. I diverted there once and Jen (the ARO) put us up in the bunk houses. Nice club house, the closest thing here to an FBO! It's a popular nav stop for the flight schools in the region so it's a shame to see the field blacked out so to speak.
  4. I'm pretty sure Bankstown is procedural Class D (GAAP rebranded). The Class D you'd find at Sunny Coast is much different, Bankstown/Archerfield are more "terminal" airspace rather than a fully fledged centre.
  5. Throughout my training I've had a lot of little questions, but no-one to answer them. I've also had questions I'm too scared/embarrassed to ask my instructor or make a thread about here. I have created a Discord server which you can join by clicking here - https://discord.gg/Kqr6eyq. For anyone (I assume most of you) foreign to Discord, it is a very lightweight chat platform. All you need to do is put in a username, password and backup email then you are able to join the conversation. The advantage of this chatroom is it's instantaneous messaging - you can see when people are typing and
  6. That's funny M61A1... the only instructor who insisted I use checklists was the same one who made me death grip the yoke. He was a young grade 1. All the other instructors I've flown with do not mind at all my preference to not use a checklist because they understand a little Tomahawk is pretty hard to trash when there's only four switches. I cringe whenever I see students with their heads down sounding off checklist items - clearly, they are more focused on reading those lines rather than thinking on what's going on around them. "Eyes out, hands in" is the best method. Flying, not driving
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