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  1. What transponder would I need? So, let's say that I am the owner of a shiny new SkyEcho, the Airservices proposal has just been approved in all its glory by CASA, and I want a cheap, but functional ADSB unit that meets the current regs for flying in class E. What mode transponder do i need, assuming I will fly with my Sky Echo? Also, is it a self install job, or does it have to be professionally installed? (I DO own a 5Kg hammer to help with maintenance tasks) (Sorry for the dumb question, but I cant seem to clarify this to my own satisfaction)
  2. Official CASA response to use of SkyEcho 2 in Class E I asked a CASA rep if they could get a clarification of CASA's position re use of SkyEcho2 in Class E, as a substitute for a transponder. Here is the email trail, my questions (in italics), and CASA's response in green. It has been anonymized. ========================================= email trail ======================================== OFFICIAL Good morning xxxxx, I have received a reply, (in green), from the Senior Standards Officer, Air Traffic Management systems, of the Flight St
  3. AH Kyle, don't do that to me. It took me a couple of minutes to pick myself off the floor, I was laughing so hard
  4. And Airservices didnt even consult with CASA about this proposal
  5. Lets put some real world numbers for the Sky Echo 2 out there, just to inform the debate a bit. My SkyEcho is mounted on the top of my Jabiru windscreen, fyi. This morning, at 3,000 ft, I was able to see ADSB traffic approx 190 km away (using Ozrunways), from behind me. Also, we get a fair few Qantas Link aircraft overhead, approx 25,000 ft, typically coming out of Brisbane. Never have any problem picking them up I can see coastal traffic (about 50km away as the crow Jabiru flies), typically flying about 1,500/2,500 ft, with hills in between. Usin
  6. It's when you get down to the practicalities of this proposal, that it becomes apparent how totally nutty this proposal is - as well as totally unsafe. They apparently think it's OK to fly over tiger country at 1500 ft (I suppose you have to adjust your altitude for the various mountains and valleys), and then for example allow for clouds and fog. Seriously nutty thinking.
  7. Totally agree Thruster. Now, if only CASA would tell us what was the intention of allowing the use of SkyEchos. Casa reps arent even aware of them (And, I heard with my own 2 pink shell like ears, that CASA has been blindsided by the Airservices proposal - the CASA rep said 0 - as in zero/ nada/none of CASA staff had heard of this proposal prior to the webinar, and as well, they are not too happy about the very short public response time for such a huge change)
  8. Now, don't forget that one of the avowed aims is to align our airspace with American best practice. However, Class E in the US does NOT require a transponder, or even 2 way radio. Airservices is trying to sell us a pup
  9. Proposed World Aeronautical Charts (WAC) Now Available https://engage.airservicesaustralia.com/lower-base-class-e-east-coast
  10. Sorry KG - you are quite correct. I think I may have been carried away by the caring attitude exhibited by Airservices.
  11. No. Their proposal does not mention low powered devices. They fall back on existing regs
  12. I am now convinced that these guys (Airservices) have no day to day knowledge of flying. They lack knowledge and/or understanding of current technology, and give not a flying f*** about the impact their decisions will have
  13. I have just had a response from AirServices (posted on their Q&A section --> https://engage.airservicesaustralia.com/lower-base-class-e-east-coast?tool=qanda) Question: I fly an RAA registered aircraft, and use a Sky Echo 2 to provide both ADSB-in and ADSB-out facilities. Using Ozrunways as my EFB, I can see other ADSB enabled traffic. Will I be allowed to transit Class E airspace at all, given I have a Sky Echo device (assuming I stay under 10,000 ft) Or am I going to be limited to flying no higher than 1500 Ft (not an ideal height safety wise) Response:
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