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  1. Are you using a USB style charger for your electronics (eg an iPad)? Depending on the design of the charger, they can cause a problem with feedback thru the headphones
  2. Respectfully, no more changes please. Increase existing "brand" recognition by any and all means, but dont go chopping and changing.
  3. Hi Doc. Yes, Rolo is in business at Gympie airport - I'll get his number when I'm down at Gympie airport in the next day or two.
  4. In the What's New (All) main page, there is no original creation date - there used to be a date showing when the topic (not replies) was originally created/ Can that be displayed, as I cant tell whether was created 2 weeks or 10 years previously
  5. How's about this one https://www.aviationclassifieds.com.au/listing/5737
  6. Re external antenna... I have found that simply plugging in a USB cable into the Skyecho, (no charger/battery pack etc on the other end of the USB cable - ie leave the other end unplugged) definitely improves its detectability (YMMV) I have only just discovered this by the fact that it can be detected by my FlightAware unit when I plug the cable in, but not detectable without the cable. (Background to this - I seem to have a fault with the SkyEcho battery led - the YELLOW battery level led doesnt light up - so I wrapped the Skyecho in aluminium foil to prevent any extraneous transmissio
  7. Hey Bluead Any chance of posting a simple mudmap (hand drawn would be fine) of your led circuit please?
  8. My AeroShell 15W50 oil has an expiry date printed on the bottom corner of the 1 quart bottles, typically 4 years from the date of either manufacture or bottling. I had to wait for a little while till Blackwoods could supply unexpired oil (Blackwoods seem to be about the cheapest supplier I can find. I order a carton of 12 online, and there is no delivery charge if you pick it up at the counter)
  9. Won't the SkyEcho2 be regarded as an EC device (ie no TCAS) device, not Integrated TABS?? It has no transponder functionality. From their own website: The SkyEcho2 portable ADS-B transceiver has been accepted by CASA as an approved Electronic Conspicuity (EC) Device as an enhancement to "See and Be Seen" from 16th July, 2020. See also Page 31 ff from the above CASA circular.
  10. No, the whole point is about wanting to renew a LAPSED RAA certificate, and what GA ratings/endorsements would be sufficient in place of a RAA BFR to renew said RAA certificate.
  11. ok - a very recent aerobatics rating/endorsement, and a recent GA instructors rating - would that suffice, do you think?
  12. Thanks guys. She has/had an RAA ceertificate (learnt in my Jabiru, actually) The RAA Ops Manual is more than a little unclear about what GA ratings would be valid. But, I guess showing RAA the GA BFR in her log book is good advice - I'll let her know.
  13. My friend is a lapsed RAA pilot (sorta like a lapsed Catholic, I think), but is a current CPL. She wants to renew her RA certificate, but apparently a RAA BFR is required. Does a newly minted GA rating meet the RAA's BFR requirements? Cheers Gerry
  14. For the real cheapskates amongst us (yeah, I'm looking into the mirror), ALDI has a $15 prepaid data plan, 365 days expiry, using MOST of the Telstra network. Renew as required. Lasts me about 6 months or so, and takes seconds to renew via their app
  15. Major change for me is the Sunshine Coast airport - New runways opened (13-31) Bundaberg VNC - Major change to Sunshine Coast YBSU airport and associated airspace ==> https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/aipchart/vnc/Bundaberg_VNC_21MAY2020.pdf YBSU ERSA ==> https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/ersa/FAC_YBSU_21MAY2020.pdf
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