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Hello folks....

Guest Pud

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Found the "Recreational forums" today, thought I would join up.


I live in the USA, currently have a taildragger RANS S-6"Super".


Am also almost finished building an Arion Lightning.


I love to fly, and have been involved in aviation for a little over 30 years.


Cut my "eye teeth" in,and flew, hang gliders for many years, beginning in the mid 1970's.....;)


I have flown many ultralight and light aircraft , have built four homebuilts over the years(do you guys call them "homebuilts in Oz??)


Anyhow, nice to be here!!





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Thanks guys.......


Appreciate the welcomes'! :big_grin:


I have also posted in a Lightning thread over in " Other rec aircraft users group" .


If you would like to hear more about the Lightning, please feel free to ask...will be able to answer flight questions as soon as inspection and first flights take place.(Hopefully in a few weeks)





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