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Suggestion. MSL Analysis Charts for tools page

Guest AusDarren

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Guest AusDarren

A Suggested Link for the Tools page.




There are others, including the 4 day forecast, as well as the historical loops


found Here:- http://www.bom.gov.au/weather/national/charts/


I find the Isobar chart really useful in developing a mental picture of the conditions, you can tell so much from the chart..


Likely wind direction and streams an indication of how strong it is,


frontal systems, and when used in conjunction with Area forecasts and Tafs,


and sat images.. I find it most useful.







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Guest aeroclub13

Have you tried weatherzone.com.au? Type in the post code or the name of location. It has moving charts for satellite (cloud) and radar (precipitation) and gives a good trend which way it is all moving. Also 7 day charts available. Free registration, just a bit of playing around needed to find what you are most interested in.



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