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New Canopy Cover for the Sportstar


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Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick plug to a company called Punkin Head Air Sports.


We've recently had a new canopy cover made up for the Sportstar as the original factory item had finally succumb to the harsh Australian conditions...and fallen apart! I got in touch with Di at Punkin Head who was in Lilydale at the time but has recently moved to Yarrawonga, she had not made a Sportstar cover before and was good enough to go down to Vic Aero Club at Moorabin and measure up one of their new Sportstars.


We received the new cover yesterday and couldn't be happier with it. I've attached pics of the state of the original cover and the new cover which Di made.


For any Sportstar owners out there (or potential owners), if you're going to keep your aircraft outside, don't bother with the factory covers and get something which is suited to the extremes of temperature and UV in Australia.













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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi SportStar 3978


Second your comments re. Di from Punkin Head Air Sports.


She has made two sets of covers for my current and previous aircraft and does a great job.





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