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Hi All,


I'm about to buy a T83 and would like to know anyones thoughts on helmet/headset combo's. The only place I've been able to find here in oz is Aeroskill with the Raptor helmets. They look like good units, but not knowing anything about them, I'd like some input.







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Guest TOSGcentral

Cannot help much with any technical information but would tender the following two points:


1. I have dealt with Raptor and found both their service and advice first class.


2. The T83 originally did not have an electrical general supply system so be careful you do not end up 'eating nuts'! Once you start it is difficult to stop! A helmet and the inevitable intercoms, radios etc etc will take a bit of driving and I would not be looking at just a battery to drive all that!


When I used helmets (flying glider tugs) it was for personal protection, quietness and convenience - Pawnees with the hopper out are like flying huge string instruments! I used military full helmets converted to civilian power systems. But a main reason was the difficulty in wearing sunglasses with a full helmet (I suffer badly from glare) and the military helmets have sheathed plain and tinted visors that were excellent for protection and good visibility.


You can now get pure civilian counterparts but they are about $1000 a pop!





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Thanks Tony,


I intend to use it with my Icom A5 handheld the guy at Aeroskill thinks this will be ok.


Anyhow I'll keep looking and do a bit more research.





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