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  1. t83


  2. Hi, I'm interested in maybe renting your hanger in Romsey. Could you email me back with your contact details. Regards, Mike Green [email protected]
    1. Floatplane


      Hi, have sent email for you - try me on 54287767 or 0409757767 rgs Grant
  3. Thanks Dave, And looks like he is local as well. I'll call him tonight. Once again thanks, Mike
  4. Hi Everyone, I know it's not a kit, but is anyone building or flying a Teenie Two? I intend to start building soon and would like to contact someone to gain a bit more info. Regards, Mike G
  5. Allan, I modded my instrument panel recently cos as you said, there's not much room. I mounted the ASI, ALT and ignition switches on a small panel above the pod coaming and made a central vertical panel with a Stratomaster E.M.S., voltmeter, start switch and fuses. I mounted my handheld Icom on the r/h forward A frame tube and I was thinking of doing the same on the left with my GPS. Regards, Mike
  6. Hi all, There was a question recently on the Yahoo Thruster group about these Colibri Awards (see link) and I was wondering if anyone here in Oz has done any of them, and if so who oversee's the test. FAI Microlight Colibri Awards with Microlight Scotland at Cumbernauld near Glasgow Regards, Mike
  7. For those looking for plans built check out the BK-1. http://www.bkfliers.com/
  8. My only problem with the late arrival, is that if you are keeping an eye out for a second hand aircraft, the chances are if it is a bargain it will be gone by the time you get the mag halfway through the month. Surely as members we should be getting it earlier or at least the same time as the general public. Not 2-3 weeks later.
  9. Still waiting for mine:sad: although as has been said, I spotted the latest in the newsagent yesterday.
  10. Airbourne, That is the only one in Oz and it is/was ? based at Penfield Victoria. The reason I say is/was, is that I haven't seen it out there for a whilst. I saw it when it first arrived and it's a very impressive looking machine. If you give Airsports at Penfield a call on 94312131 they can probably put you in touch with the owner or give you some info on it.
  11. t83


    T87 I'm all ears. PM me and I'll get in contact. Mike
  12. t83


    Thanx Tony. That's the one. Regards, Mike
  13. t83


    Hi all, I was told about a book that was written a few years ago about some guys exploits in a Thruster. I think he was UK based, and was promised it was a great read. At the time I wrote the title and auther down, but it apears to have been misplaced. Any help greatly appreciated. Regards, Mike
  14. Thanks for that Adam. Great viewing. Mike
  15. Jim, Looks great!!!! Think I'll order one. Mike
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