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    Skyranger Swift

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    REDUCED to $33,000 ono All serious offers considered Skyranger Swift TT 568 Rego 19-7407 Rotax 912 100 hp 568 Hrs BEW 287.7 MTOW 544 VSI, Altimeter, ASI, Tacho, Slip ball, Xcom Radio, Garmin 296, Led Nav lights, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, CHT, Volts, Hour meter, GME MT410GAUS GPS PLB, WAC chart sized glove box in panel, 90 lt aluminum tank, storage compartment behind pilot. White Skyranger Swift with Rotax 912 100 hp was built by current owner in 2010. As at November 2020 has 586 hrs on airframe and engine. Recently replaced CDI units and carburetors serviced by Rotax agent. Full mechanical log on reliable engine that pulls this plane into the sky at 1500 ft/min. The Skyranger Swift is a good balance of STOL performance to wing load allowing it to cut through the air at 85 knots in summer and 90 knots in winter. The engine uses little oil between each 100 hourly service and uses 18 lt/hr only on BP Ultimate 98. The 90lt tank permits four hours flight time plus reserve. Skyrangers are easy aircraft to fly with a very responsive rudder making them a very stable platform to control with a gentle mushing stall characteristic well below their rated stall speeds. This plane has been hangered for the duration of its life with expected wear and tear for a ten year old bush aircraft. Air frame 10/10, Xlam Covering 9/10, Interior 9/10, fiberglass cowlings 7/10, Lexan windscreen 6/10 Build pics and media friarflyer.blogspot.com $38,000 reduced to $33,000 All reasonable offers will be considered. Kingaroy Queensland Heath 0417400988


    Kingaroy - AU

  2. Flying the circuit at Kingaroy Queensland. Trialing my new 360 camera, Samsung Gear 360
  3. I ended up putting a VDO gauge back in. Went for a 1.5 hr fly this afternoon, and yes very satisfying.
  4. All you folk will be happy to know that I have put the old girl back together and all is running well with no oil spewing out of the engine. Had a "fun" time yesterday washing all the oil off the under side of my plane after plenty of test running.
  5. The 360.004 in this list is only 75psi where as the one I ordered from Aircraft Spruce was rated at 150psi. They have obviously changed in later products. Floods quoted me on a 360.081 which I believe is 150psi. Regards Heath
  6. Hi folks I have discovered on further investigation that the new pressure sensor is not leaking after all. I have not realised that the thread is tapered and have put the new gauge in too far and split the housing. Der to me So to get a new one costs about 900 from Floods. But I can get a secondhand one with the NPT thread for about half that from Floods. I do feel like a twit. Floods tell me I'm not the first to do this, but that doesn't make me feel any better. An expensive lesson learnt. Heath
  7. Hi folks Got a vdo 360.004 sensor from Aircraft Spruce and installed it. Unfortunately it failed on engine start up. Oil spewed out of the sensor where the outer shell is pressed over the inners which holds the stud. I am waiting to hear back from them to see what they can do. My next door neighbour who is a mechanic and also flies says I should source one through a auto electrician. Might do that next week. Floods in Melbourne quoted me $223 for a vdo 360.081 and I thought that was a bit too expensive. Attached are a few pics after the engine was started and run for no m
  8. In the words of my kids "der" Replacing is obvious but are they known to spring a leak?
  9. Is this the original sender that Rotax used for their 912 uls engines?
  10. Hi folks Have been trolling around in the threads and seen plenty about 912 oil pressure senders not sending the right info to the gauge. However my question is, has anyone had a sensor that has begun to leak. I think mine is leaking a bit of oil, although it is had to discern exactly where it is coming from as it get blown around a bit. Thoughts....?
  11. Indeed! Already on the list for the bank manager.
  12. So I went out to the airport and had a look. The Skyranger has many endearing features but it aint that easy to get a good look at the back of the engine. I think it is a 6 way male plug and a 6 way female plug. Not all the plugs have wires running through them. I gave everything a wriggle and nothing obvious stood out. Started the engine ran rough for ten seconds while rpm was around 1500 - 2000 pushed her up to about 2500 and it came good. I could not fault it in the run up so I went for a fly and as per usual did not miss a beat for the 1.7 hrs I was up. I constantly checked magies w
  13. I I have a chance to go and check it out a bit more tomorrow. Will let you know. Thanks Heath
  14. I built my Skyranger in 2009 after purchasing the engine from Flood Imports in 2008. I believe it is a 6 wire plug.
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