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3D Glasses for flight sim


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I recently read a review on a flight sim site about some new 3D anaglyph glasses manufactured by an Australian company. I had to download the required graphics drivers from Nvidia in order for the glasses to work & the result is nothing short of astounding (IMHO). I had a few problems setting up the new drivers & after scouring the Nvidia site for answers, without success, called the glasses company for support via email. This was on a Saturday morning & I received a response within 15 minutes!!! The Techie managed to resolve my problem by Sunday, & sent detailed instructions via 3 separate emails. Each time he followed up to see if I had succeeded. I couldn't believe the level of service from an Australian company over a weekend & for a product that only cost $30. The name of the company is Eyecessories & their website can be found at www.eyecessories.com.



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