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  1. Landed in a pugged out cattle paddock once, never again. Nearly rattled every tooth out of my mouth!!
  2. If you want to go real slow get a nanolite like the Aeros Ant. Folds down into 3 packs, Wing, base & engine. The engine & base should fit into the back of most vehicles & the wing goes on the roof racks. Then you don't have to worry about hangerage. They are fabulous machines & great fun to fly.
  3. How insulting to all the grieving victims of this mass murder. Can’t believe any thinking person could support this abomination of a conspiracy theory.
  4. Tried to buy some engine mounts for my homebuilt trike from Flexible Drive long time ago. When I mentioned what they were for they refused point blank to sell them to me. Had to send a mate in to buy them for a go-cart. That seemed to work lol.
  5. I co-owned one for 10 years from 2004. It was a joy to fly. We had a 618 which was discontinued by Rotax but it proved to be very reliable & I believe there is a company in the states that can do a re-build including the crankshaft. Airframe quality was fine, simple bolted tubing, easy to inspect & maintain.
  6. Thanks for that but both the landline & mobile have been disconnected. I spoke to Steve in November as we wanted to go up then but he said that the strip was unserviceable as it needed mowing & he didn't have the time that weekend as they had had a death in the family & he had to attend the funeral. Just hope he is ok.
  7. Does anyone have contact details for the owner of this property, Steve Price. A couple of us nanolight flyers want to spend a few days flying round the Grampians & Steve's place is ideal with cabins next to the strip. We have flown out of here on a few occasions & can usually contact him through his website. Unfortunately this no longer exists & his landline is not connected. Pretty sure he had a mobile, so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. According to a report I have read, the area to the North of the road is being turned into a solar collection farm & the viewing area is expected to be closed for 18 months.
  9. Hard clay soil, no problem. Not sure about rocky ground but small rocks shouldn't present a problem. Big rocks, just move around until you find clear ground?
  10. Sorry, don't have a brand name. I think these came from Aldi. Just google screw in tent pegs & many options will show up. Bunnings have metal ones & another company seems to have ones with a greater diameter which could be better in sandy soil.
  11. Mister screwits are just too much hard work. I use this
  12. Hi Mike, you appear to be near a mate of mine ,Paul Madigan. We have flown in to one of his paddocks years ago. Also landed at a strip near the North coast & the prison airstrip when it was operational.
  13. Cobden is a really friendly strip. Lakes entrance landing fees are pretty steep. There is a strip at the top of the hill before you get to the township but not sure of the go there.
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