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Back tracking confusion

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Would appreciate feedback on this.


Say you are about to taxi to enter the runway. The runway is 27/09. You enter and travel West along 27 to then turn around, line up and depart East on 09.


What would your radio call be for back traking? Are you back tracking down 27 or back tracking up 09?


Hope someone can clear my confusion on this matter.







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Ben your right, You would be Backtracking runway Zero niner. (You are tracking back the direction you are/were facing. If you landed on 09 and needed to turn around to exit on the taxi-way, you are then also backtracking 09) It can become confusing at times..



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Come to think off it - that's not quite right......


Its the one you landed on or intend to take off from.




if your taking off with the wind (and therefore not the in use runway)


your backtracking call will be understood by other users that you are calling the runway you intend to take off from or that you have just landed on


(my head hurtz!!!)





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Couldnt Have put it better myself Pete..


'' Its the runway you landed on or intend to take-off from''


This communicates to other pilots which runway is actually going to be in use.


Gets you thinking this question.. Good one though Azhar!



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If I'm somewhere where there's two runways (eg 18/36 and 05/23) and I land on say 18 then turn and taxi along 23, when I turn I make a 'backtracking 05' call. I was under the impression when you backtrack, it's the runway you are going against. Isn't this something we should get someone like TOSGCentral to answer. It's something we should all know and need a difinitive answer on, not just opinions.





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I have always understood that backtracking is heading towards the takeoff point, or piano keys for that particular runway, and has no bearing on wheteher it is or is not active.


if you are heading towards the keys for 06 then you are backtraking 06 if you ar going the other way and heading for the keys of 24 then you are backtracking 24.



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Bob, I'm glad you raised this, a few of us down at Tooradin were discussing this very point a few weeks ago. In your example you say "taxi along 23" then would the correct call be "taxiing on runway 23 to apron". Do you backtrack on the active runway, but taxi on the inactive runway? Any thoughts guys?



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Taxiing is done on taxiways


Backtracking is done on runways


Your backtracking call is towards the keys as i said in the last post


It does not matter whether the runway is active or not


If you are still on the runway after your landing you are not yet clear of the runway and are still landing and maintaining posssesion of the runway until you make your runway clear call.


Some airfields are such that you will backtrack an un-active runway to get to the active one. The same calls apply Bactracking towards the takeoff point and number for that particular riunway that you are on at the time.



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