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Life and old machinery


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James May's bad air day - BBC Top Gear


The link above takes you to a column by James May, about his experience of what was intended to be a day's flying. Sounds awfully familiar to one who may not own an aircraft (yet!) but has an unhealthy attraction to elderly machinery. Must say the long haired git has become a bit more acceptable since I learnt he is a mad keen aviation enthusiast.


(Damn google, I started off taking a quick look at the classified's, saw the Luscombe for sale and got horribly sidetracked researching how it would fit in as an RA aircraft - well by the look of it.)



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"And here’s the advice. Buy one new car, any car, and use that for everything. Then you can devote the rest of your life to something useful."


He gives good advice... even better have one second hand reliable car... and spend the rest of an aeroplane.



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