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Help looking to find Cirrus for American colleague to hire this weekend

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Hi flyers


In a trip down nostalgia lane (spent childhood flying round NT in Cessnas), i'm trying to help an American colleague find a Cirrus to hire and fly this weekend. I've just joined your site and don't really know where to start - it doesn't seem the Cirrus is as popular at clubs here as in the states. He's here in Sydney.


Any ideas?


Warm regards and thanks





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They can be hired at a school in Archerfield (Brisbane) but I'm not sure if there are any in Sydney.


If he has a US licence there's a bit of work to do though before he can fly. Otherwise it would need to be dual. So if dual, why not look at flying something a bit different? Maybe aerobatic, tailwheel etc.



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Phone Sunland Aviation, they are the school that Mazda was suggesting, get Adam's contact number (Cirrus Sales Manager) or Steve Malby (owner Cirrus Australia/Sunland) ask who has them for hire in the Sydney basin area..and as Mazda has commented, will need to meet all the regulatory requirements.....there are a few schools with both SR20 and SR22 in their fleets but I couldn't tell you which ones.



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