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  1. Nice little Haines there OME.. A lot of us enjoy being on the water as well as flying.. I've been doing both for years ☺
  2. Regardless of how they got there, fact is that the pilot was trying to fly an aircraft that is not certified to fly at night.. at night. On Google map the crash site looks like a bit of rising ground. If he was night rated and current, he possibly may have averted the seemingly CFIT which resulted in a totally preventable crash with tragic consequences. Living west of the great divide, over the years I have seen aircraft land at night that should be on the ground well before last light. Some fool themselves into thinking that it won't happen to them... until it does!!
  3. Quite right one track, there is a bit of maneuvering being done here, firstly there is a slump in the building industry and as Boral have four of their own cement plants down south.. they would feeling the pressure and have gone to Wagners and tried a lower price adjustment which Wagners would then have told them to tell their story walking. With the end of Wagners concrete plant participation exclusion now ended. Wagners will be able to participate in the ready mixed concrete market again and with 9 brand new concrete plants being constructed in SEQ, this industry will have a little bit of a
  4. Jaba, i am very aware that the current medical standards are unjust and too high for pilots even up to commercial. I'm hoping that CASA eventually adopts the UK model in regard to medical standards so I and others can continue exercising the full privliges of our current licenses as age related crap fogs the current benchmarks.
  5. Early April I fronted my DAME for a class 2 medical renewal and I had the new medical certificate on my email before I left the surgery. Compared to the old system where the DAME revalidates for two months while CASA issues a new one, It is easy as now. Ever since I turned 60, I do the medical first, then ASIC, then AFR.. If and when I struggle to get through all of that, I'll then give it away and have good memories of my flying adventures. I'm not going to try and find a lessor standard of medical or licence to fly, but that is just me and my personal benchmarks. I've already bought a big
  6. Good to see your experience was better than mine Aldo.. it would have taken a lot of effort to be as bad as I experienced all the time.
  7. Well, I decided to bite the bullet and fly out of well camp and FT might be onto something here, firstly the amenities are quite spartan and the cafe sells overpriced food of very average quality.. amenities are clean but you would expect that with little use (so far) there is no customer service counter on the air side of security and the airline "Airnorth" scheduling is terrible with over an hour delay with my flight with NO notification from them. will I do it again? Well let me put it this way... The Qantas club lounge at Brisbane airport looks really good from here
  8. Yeah, been awhile since I've been down that way and haven't seen Ian for years so just a thought really. Looks like Heck's for the old K..
  9. You could try Ian Thomas at Logan Reserve and see if he will let you use his airstrips.
  10. Jacobs well and Murwillumbah airfield aviators are friendly .. another airfield which has plenty of activity is Tyagarah (north of Byron Bay)...
  11. This thread like Pauline.. just keeps droning on
  12. Sscbd, there are a lot of aircraft flown everyday in private operations from RAA aircraft through to jets single pilot (business flying for instance) where the pilot will face the go/no go scenario and pressure with getting themselves and or staff to very important meetings and you as the PIC need to make that command decision and I know I have faced this many times myself.. both in business flying and AF.. no one has ever questioned my decision.. Poor decision making isn't only confined to aircraft ops.. just look at some of the accidents on our roads.....do we put two steering wheels in your
  13. There is no excuse whatsoever for the reality of this tragedy
  14. It is already done Bruce.. look into their publications about setting your own standards..
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