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Airstrip at Rainbow Beach


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Does anyone know anything about the airstrip at Rainbow Beach here in QLD? It's on the Inskip Point road and it looks like there's a hangar there also.


I know that Cooloola Cove have a great little strip but I was wondering about this strip as I may need to fly down that way soon. If anyone knows anything about it and if it can be used, I'd love to hear about it.







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Guest Baphomet

The strip is used regularly by a commercial operator I believe. I have a contact number (at home) for the gentleman that maintains it. Send me a pm and I'll forward the details if I can find them. One of my collegues is staying at inskip at the moment, I'll ask him to give me a condition report.





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They run a skydiving op from their( I know the pilot as well)- N-S strip sand base, with a new harder gravel approaches laid recently. If you have no luck drop me a pm also and I'll contact Rick. I believe they do charge a small fee for use but I'd have to check- we use it in the trikes occasionally.



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