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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and support, most of you who know me realise John and I worked very closely and were best friends. Close family and friends are just trying to rally around Julie at this tragic time and this has deeply affected our local Caboolture Microlights group as well as the greater sport aviation group beyond any words. Even though the grief at the moment is unimaginaeable, Julie told me yesterday she was heartened by all the kind words for John so thank you and if I could ask everyone to respect the process and the families during this terrible time. Please
  2. The cross country requirements were changed to the above in November 2014 with the introduction of version 7.0 of the Operations manual and are referenced in 2.07 11(a). There are no additional requirements planned other than development of a separate appropriate controlled airspace component which was discussed at the AGM and is still under development. Enhancement of specific elements relating to lost procedures was discussed at the CFI conference.
  3. Inglewooders, hope to see you all there. I'm heading out tomorrow. T-Lite may struggle to get to Goondi but will plus 1 if there is a spare seat with someone? Blue Skies!
  4. Heard the ATC call for listening watch on 121.5 and we also monitored freq for 15 minutes and nothing on return from BP dam. No further news is hopefully good news. No missing reports after 2 days so here's hoping all good.
  5. Hi Deb, I'll be there Sat for the fun, day only. Great weather bodes well for a fantastic weekend
  6. Fantastic Haydn, many will never know the true commitment and diligence you have put in to all aspects of this build including the flying. You both deserve many happy hours together. I just converted another factory order buyer who you know, who lives across the pond and was murmuring about flying it over one day. Braver man than I but you may see him lob in some time! Enjoy your test flight program.
  7. Ten years worth of RA rego still wouldn't come close to an average GA 100 hourly.
  8. From what I've seen over the years many pilots don't read what's in the current manual! I can't believe how many I see with the original rubber band still on them. But maybe I'm wrong and there will be a massive turn around and everyone will read it cover to cover and apply what's in it and pilots will comply ... And ... Ohh ...sorry .... I just woke up from a silly dream.
  9. Wouldn't life be grand if it really worked that way - all care no responsibility, and we wonder why we have issues...
  10. 174 CFI's have had access to the draft of the new Operations Manual for review and comment since April.
  11. So are you prepared to accept with all consequences and any repercussions the full implications that may occur as a result of flight in your 19 aircraft? Accepting that if any passenger or professional is to sit side by side with you that you accept full responsibility for any consequences directly attributable to your construction or maintenance actions in regard to your aircraft? Or are you happy for all amateur built aircraft to be limited to solo operations by builder only? Are you prepared to accept all legal scrutiny and the consequences of such scrutiny if perhaps you may have any er
  12. And no one would do that here would they? .... Oh the joy of foolhardy anonymity and armchair experts - no specific reference to you Oscar!
  13. Haydn, dont taxi it too fast unless you want to get airborne, lifty these Savs. Also when you get to flying check your venting and make sure that they are pressurising equally, looks great and a nice variation on Mark Kyles. Pleasure to help where I can.
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