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  1. Facthunter's posts are generally very fair and reasonable, I don't know him personally but sounds like he has a vast experience and knowledge of all things that fly. I have been on this forum for many years and agree with most of his posts. you are just been a salesman and don't like hearing negative comments on a product your trying to sell/promote, its bad form bagging instructors if you have never instructed because they say the Atec is slippery and tricky to land.
  2. Yep, also with a price tag to match. The more advanced the kit, the more you are going to pay
  3. Your budget will be a big factor in what's the best aircraft for you mission, if buying a kit aircraft it will generally take three time longer to build than you intend and by the time your finished will also cost more than initially budgeted for. If you have your RPL there's plenty of good well priced small GA aircraft for sale that I wouldn't discount
  4. Can you tell me what factory built training aircraft is under $50K There are very few Clubs doing flight training these days due to the many unpaid hours members need to put in to run such an operation and ongoing maintenance costs its become unviable At $200 an hour with no charge for ground schooling/ debrief they certainly are not doing it for money just maybe just the love A few years ago I went to Bankstown for unrelated business and remember looking at a flying school with poorly presented aircraft, an office that looked similar and thought to myself, why would I train here. Most you
  5. The costs outlined in the original post are probably not that far off, invest in a Sling 2 around $140K, either invest or lease hanger and office/training room, insurance, maintenance and repairs, fuel, if you are paying staff/ instructors there is workcover and other costs, admin, training and regulation costs. Now that we have added all the costs up, if it is your business you actually have to make money. The only wealthy flight schools I have seen seem to teach international pilots, I am yet to see a general small flight training school that have spare cash laying around
  6. You will need to do more than a flight review to get your CTA
  7. I had similar problems with a 230, I had a Garmin sl30 nav comm and a microair, tried everything, had avionics guys look at it and they all said low voltage. The only way I could fix it was sell it, and that fixed it!
  8. As Gravity said, Classic Air Adventures in YWGT, You will also get to see how they restore P40's and lots of other goodies in his hanger, including Harvard, Ryan, Lockheed Junior Electra just to name a few, Doug is a great bloke with a wealth of knowledge in warbirds, he also flies the collection of warbirds at Temora. You will get the whole experience not just a quick lap in the P40
  9. I couldn’t agree more, that’s why it is getting expensive
  10. Its not that much cheaper these days, insurance prices are similar, hangerage is the same, maintenance is a bit cheaper and so is fuel, most RAA planes you see flying around these days are not thrusters or saphires, they are expensive 2 seat 100 knot aircraft. My point with the tecnam for $169k is you can buy a nice C172 for around $70k, that gives you $100k in your pocket for running costs. also a couple of extra seats
  11. Just seen a Tecnam p2008 with 400 hours for sale at $169k plus gst, and he quoted $280k for a new one, you will buy a very nice C172 or 182 for that money. with prices like that it is not getting cheaper
  12. If you can buy a brand new 172 for $350k, I would buy 20 of them and on sell them. Base price US$370k, convert the Ausy dollar makes around $450k, plus freight, plus GST. You are looking at close to $500k A 1981 172p was US$34k
  13. There is one major problem with the worlds environment and its not two stroke engines. Its population growth, population growth means economic growth so no government seems to mention this. Have a look on flight radar at any time of the day all over the world and you will see the massive amounts of airliners in the sky at one time. Calculate the amount of fuel they are burning and a few old two strokes are not going to make much difference.
  14. Politicians all lie, if you think she is the only one telling tall stories to suit themselves, your sadly mistaken!
  15. Sheldon Jones has done this sort of thing before, give him a try Contact us and learn to fly
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