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  1. Boats pay Registration. Better Boating Victoria has lobbied the state government successfully for free parking at ramps and several ramp upgrades in regional VIC, using the argument that the registraion fees should go to boating facilities.
  2. I bet that really affected them 🙄
  3. But you do pay registration and fuel excise, and therefore pay for the roads and upkeep of such. In GA you don't pay registration or licence fees, so who funds airports? 99.5% of the population never visit local aerodromes, and you expect them to pay for them? I don't have a solution to aerodrome funding, but paying $10 to land somewhere doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
  4. What is a project worth? As someone who has bought project cars and boats, this is how I value them; A = the cost of buying a similar car/boat/aircraft in servicable condition B= the cost of bringing the project to an equivalent serviceable condition C= Discount to make the project attractive D= project buy price D=A-B-C ie, by the time I've finished the project it has to have cost less than buying a serviceable equivalent. It's the Value of C that is up to individual buyers and sellers to negotiate
  5. 1 in a million is a really small number isn't it. Quite insignificant. So, in Australia, that equates to only 26 people. So, are we OK to ask 26 people to die by using the AZ vaccine. How would you feel if one of those 26 was your wife, son, daughter? I'm not an anti-vaxer, I'm all for pfizer, I've had my 2 doses. For those who have had AZ and are fine, great, i'm really happy for you. The more people who get vaccinated the better. But I don't think we should be pushing people to take a risk with AZ when there is a viable alternative. And people certainly sho
  6. I wonder if it's the adrenaline rush of what just happened, and being surrounded by your peers and wanting to talk to them about it.
  7. Get in touch with Ben Morgan at AOPA. He's being helping a few regional airfields with similar issues.
  8. Go to the Petition via this Clickable Link
  9. Looks like the FAA are adressing this promptly LODA Experimental Instruction I think the key is the aircraft can't be hired out.
  10. I like his pro tip of flying over the top of the power poles, don't have to look for the wires then. I'll remember that next time I'm doing a low level canyon run 😲 😬 🤐
  11. Will the AG be looking into CASA's handling of the Bristell saga ? That would be interesting
  12. The article is about Airframe Icing, not Carburettor Icing.
  13. Click the link, good info on icing Flying in Icing Conditions
  14. I think what is being asked here is; If flying at 7500, with a FZLVL of 4500 and SCT AC/AS 7000 ABV 10000, and you remain clear of the cloud. ie. you are above the freezing level and amongst moist clouds, but not actually in the cloud; Are you going to get airframe icing? My understanding is no, as you are clear of the moisture (clouds), but you are awfully close to it. And you are right, this isn't covered in the RAA syllabus as being VFR only we have to remain clear of cloud so the FZLVL isn't discussed. When I've spoken to experienced GA, IFR rated pilo
  15. Just being picky - Paul Larsen is actually an Australian, the record run was done in Namibia.
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