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  1. 2000rpm is what I was taught in the J160, so probably good for the J230 also.
  2. Basically the POH says to drag it in, low and slow with power. The risk is if the engine quits, you've got no safety margin in airspeed or height.
  3. I base my flying on Newtons 3rd law "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" When I push the throttle forward, my bank account diminishes, but my life satisfaction increases.
  4. I also agree that you can buy poor quality wine in Australia. Gossips is just on that border for me, but my wife is quite OK with it. There is no reason any wine maker should make poor wine in Australia, but some do manage it. I do know of a wine maker in the Yarra Valley that had a poor yield one year, and had pre-orders to fulfill. So despite not having enough grapes, they still produced the amount of wine required, and no, Jesus did not work for them, as the wine was very sub par. Sometimes it is the storage of the wine that makes it bad, not the winemaker.
  5. 🙄😬😧🙄😬🥴😵🥱👎
  6. It's merely a scatch 😆 https://simpleflying.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/image1-900x1200.png https://simpleflying.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/unnamed-900x1200.png
  7. "I said park it in the left hangar - your other left.....🙄"
  8. Bankstown is closer to Kingsford Smith than it is to Badgerys Creek. The Oaks is 25km away from Badgerys Creek, so hopefully far enough. Riddell, Penfield and Melton are all about that to Tullamarine. The lowering of class C may be an issue for The Oaks though. likely to come down to 2500 - which would be more of a problem for Camdens training area.
  9. Drink it, we bought a $15 bottle for our 15th anniversary and cellared it until our 30th. Was valued at $120 when we drank it. It was smooth and full of flavour
  10. AOPA/Ben Morgan does a lot of good for pilots and aviation in general, but he seems to have RAAus in his sights and take any opprotunity to have a go at them. It does seem he's cherry picked that report. Maybe CASA and RAA should have done a bit more work before going heavy on Bristell, but there does seem to be some valid concerns. I'm curious whether the Relationship between AOPA and RAA was better before RAA registered the "Freedom to Fly" slogan. That was a bad move on their part. Or has there been angst between them for some time.
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