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  1. Fact remains he was denied clearance and didn't have the skills to navigate around it, maybe a BFR would have picked up that deficiency. People criticise RAA pilots as dumbed down GA, insufficient training etc, yet we are required to navigate around CTA all the time, it's not hard if you plan for it. Having to avoid CTA doesn't kill you, RAA pilots are living proof of it
  2. You may have missed this in the report "The previous owner of the aircraft, a flying instructor, advised the ATSB that at the time of the pilot’s purchase of the aircraft, the pilot declined familiarisation training with the GTN650 unit as the Aera 500 would be used." Also "Two smartphones and a tablet computer were recovered from the wreckage. Neither smartphone contained an electronic flight bag or other aviation application. The tablet computer was found packed in an overnight bag indicating that it was not used during the flight. Date-expired air navigation charts for the ar
  3. So a non current pilot departs with no charts, no EFB, no weather information, no flight plan lodged. Purposely decends into IMC (not IFR tained either) and flys into the ground. And it's ATC fault?
  4. I disagree with this bit. In VIC kids have to do 120hrs to be eligible to sit their test, 20 of which is night driving. Can you imagine being told you have to do 120hrs to get your RPC 😲 Both my kids had to do their 120 hours and really the last 50 or so, I was very comfortable with their driving. They are now 25 and 27 and the only bending of panels has been the result of a roo doing what roos do. She did well though, drove straight into it under heavy braking, didn't swerve or veer, just straight into it, as taught. I reckon I had less than 10 hours when I got my l
  5. Opening post was about turns in the circuit, at low speed. Your points are valid though, I've come across RAA pilots who have no concept of weight and balance, but that's for another thread.
  6. Yes, but of the 2 activities I posted above, I know which one makes me a better pilot. I think this thread would be better with less of the deep theory and more of the practical realities of piloting an aeroplane in the circuit. I gave an example earlier where I felt least comfortable in the circuit and got some great practical responses, without the maths to go with it.
  7. This thread has too much of this^^ and not enough of this
  8. Go to a quality flight school and take note of what they do. A lesson plan formulated from an internet forum - what could go wrong?
  9. Or maybe lurk around in the sky - at a safe distance and outside of Controlled airspace. Ie, if the Air Armada is cruising across Port Phillip heads at 2000 AMSL, it would be a pretty spectacular view from 4000ft.
  10. Norton and McAfee are basically self installed viruses.
  11. I'm thinking you'd be better plumbing into the header tank and using the Aux tank first, that way if there is a problem with the Aux tank/pump, you still have the full wing tanks to get you somewhere.
  12. Yeah, it's just one of those situation where your senses are lying to you, particularly when still climbing, ie still full power, so still require some right rudder. Trying to turn left, raise the right wing and then feel like I'm trying to hold it down so it doesn't overbank. The sensation is I'm putting in a little right aileron down, and still on the right rudder (just), but trying to turn left 😬. The brain and the senses are saying this is all wrong, but the instruments confirm I'm turning left a balanced turn.
  13. answering OMEs orignal question, where I'm least comfortable in the circuit is turning downwind from crosswind on a windy day. Typically I'm still climbing or have just reached circuit height, so still slow and doing a climbing turn. The wind gives the sensation of trying to pick up the upwind wing and flip the plane whilst the crosswind on the tail seems to slow the rate of turn, so I feel like I want to kick in a bit of left rudder, but the ball says I don't need it. I feel I could easily end up overbanked in a skidding turn if not paying attention. Ross
  14. Did you know that Supermarine started out as a boat manufacturer, who moved into float planes before the Spitfire. The Spitfire was actually their first aircraft that was designed as a land based aircraft.
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