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  1. @KRviator lets just say we both interpret that report differently. Though, I've never said ATC dont share some of the blame (they do), he was only going to be in the class C for less than 3 minutes, and their instructions to transit the Class D should have given him vectors, not just told him to descend to not more than 1000ft. But if he actually knew where he was, he wouldn't have descended through cloud to below ground level.
  2. You're forgettting that you are also paying for maintenance by the hour, so going faster and reducing the flying time may actually be more economical. If your hiring aircraft on a wet hourly basis, fast is cheap.
  3. No weather check, No flight planning, not IFR rated, not familiar with IFR instruments fitted not using paper charts or EFB, ie not actually navigating no current BFR - unlicenced flys into IMC And it's ATCs fault? 🙄 I'm not convinced.
  4. If you get onto the RAA site, as part of their Octoaber Safety month there is a Survey. RAA "Help us Improve Safety" Give them feed back that the incident reports are mostly useless without a follow up report.
  5. I haven't been to a Security Controlled airport yet, but when I was planning a trip to Moruya, I rang the airport manager and asked. The response was to check the RPT schedule and just make sure we're not on the apron 1 hour either side of the RPT arrival or departure time. All other times, we were welcome to come and go as we please. So best to check with the operator.
  6. The extra Mile -Stefan Drury The problem for our RAA craft is weight, good folding bikes are typically 12-15kg each. most RAA planes are 25-40kg of baggage max.
  7. Should be able to get at least 5 sequential touch and go's on a 3300m runway 🤣
  8. This is the comment that you should pay attention too, IMHO, it's by far the most accurate statement in this thread. Annecdote; my other hobby is sailing off the beach dinghys, and i've progressed through several classes getting faster and more complicated each time, with the culmination being an 18ft skiff. I've raced at state and national level - I'm never going to win at this level, but finished in the top ten regularly. Wind back 10 years when I was teaching my daughter sailing in a high performance skiff, great fun. But, she got a boyfriend and I soon found myself on the
  9. Australian version......"Hold my beer...." 😃
  10. I think Yenn might be right in that you don't need approval if it's a removeable device, as the 660 would be if mounted in an Airgizmo dock.
  11. Crab techique for me. I agree with the article on the point of doing what you always do. Crab techniue uses all the same speeds, decent, etc, that you use every other landing, just not pointing the nose down the centre. Also, instructions for our AC says crab is better as with a pretty low wing, it's very easy to touch the wingtip on the ground using the wing down method. I also like the point made in the comments about picking x-wind right to left over left to right if you can for take off. I have had the experience of running out of right rudder on a left to right x-wind
  12. Flightradar24 shows one was local, from the north west.
  13. You can do a quick check on Flightradar24, and see who was flying overhead at 0400UTC. It does show one aircraft doing work around the area. Roulettes have also been very active of late, seems to be several of them in the air at any one time, one was doing beatups at YLIL yesterday.
  14. The Aeroprakts are good examples for you, both will have usable loads over 600lb, which means you can get you, a 200lb instructor and a reasonable amount of fuel on board. An idea would be to contact the Aeroproakt USA dealer and ask them if there are any schools near you using them.
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