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  1. Thats pretty typical. Since I have been flying, I have been cleared 3 times, but kicked out one of those times almost straight away. I have flown over Bravo airports in the US in a 172 watching 747's and A350's under me. I wish we could do more of that in Australia. It would also help our students learn more about complex airspaces.
  2. No Problem. By the way, dont be afraid to give it a go. On a quiet day, you will occasionally get cleared through Brisbane. For me its been a rare event though.
  3. NOT ATC, but: Try it, but its unlikely you will get clearance through BNE CTR/CTA. Lodge a flight plan, call center on the ground for code/clearance, on the off chance you get clearance they will hand you off to APP/DEP once established, but be prepared for APP/DEP to kick you back out. That has been my experience 99% of the time. You wont need to contact ACD,. At a lower level, you might get cleared some of the way. I would plan coastal if I was you and I would count on being in class G If cleared from YBBN into YBCG, they will hand you to YBCG tower. No difference to being in any oth
  4. Maybe post some photo's? I have rejected aircraft that LAME's have passed. At the end of the day, its my life not the LAME's.
  5. not sure what when wrong in this thread. Engine failure, fly the plane, call mayday if you can, no one cares about ambo costs or any other bullshit, just get the plane on the ground.
  6. All good, just going to suck it up and take the standard transfer.
  7. Landing fees are cheap compared to the rest of the place.
  8. Hi Folks, Does anyone know of anyway to get from Ayers Rock Resort to Airport outside the standard shuttle bus times? No one seems interested in taking us out there, even if we offer them cash. Was hoping to fly out to Arkaroola tomorrow but it might be a bit tight if I cant leave here earlier.
  9. I quite regularly leave without full tanks. If I have a full load of pax, I cant have full tanks, but rest assured my fuel planning is meticulous and I am constantly calculating my fuel burn in flight and cross checking to the gauges.
  10. Not sure what the implication here is against CASA.. CASA does not handle GA investigations, that is done by ATSB. ATSB decided not to investigate according to that report.
  11. I just got an email saying my ASIC is coming up for renewal. Had no idea, thats how often I actually remove it from my flight bag. Pretty sure the last time I used it was mid this year at Longreach. Mind you, I do normally use it at Sunny Coast and Ballina as well, just haven't had a chance to drop in there the last 6 months. Fortunately, I had to apply for another government clearance this year (stricter than ASIC) and I still have all my documents in a folder on my desk at home, so finding the birth certificate wont be hard this time! At least I don't have to get fingerprinted for an ASIC
  12. I got the letter. I now have a condition attached to my medical: I have been an asthmatic for 40 years, I don't go anywhere with out a short acting bronchodilator (ie. Ventolin). So this is of little consequence to me. Then the Audit part: Once again, having had this condition my whole life my asthma is well managed and I have a pretty solid treatment plan, so this is nothing. I could have easily had my treating doctor flick them a report had they asked. I have changed DAME's this time. I picked a DAME that was closer to home as opposed to the last bloke who I used to see in the
  13. Meh, getting stressed over nothing. Turns out it is related to the asthma and they want some sort of audit done on it when I do my next medical. Apparently it was assessed yesterday and have been cleared
  14. Asthmatic, so it normally takes time, but taking longer than normal this time around. I was looking through the online application for an hints as to why it may be delayed and I noticed a small but potentially critical mistake that I made listing drugs. I had a knee op and listed that I had used Endone. Had a start and end date (about 5 days), but noticed that I have ticked the "ongoing" box also... I shall call CASA tomorrow to clarify, but I hope its not a problem. Annoying part is that the operation I had is only just within their 4 year time frame of reporting, and I had DAME clearan
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