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  1. The 1935 flight was England Australia England, that's impressive, especially for a young woman in 1935.
  2. Been using BR8ES (3961) solid point plugs for 20+ years with no problem, I allso replace spark plug resistor cover (LBO5EZ). every 200 hrs..
  3. " AeroElectric Connection" by Bob Nuckolls is an excellent reference. " AeroElectric Connection " by Bob Nuckolls is an excellent reference for wiring aircraft, a must have if your building. Also Google "Matronics E mail list and go to the AeroElectric forum for every wiring question you ever thought of and plenty that never entered you head.
  4. Yes its the same one. was named " Miss Mogil "
  5. Not sure when Jack sold it, I think in the 40's it went through several owners, was around Newcastle for a while , ended up near Boggabri owned by Ron Willis, he also had a Pietenpol Sky Scout ( single seat ) powered by a Salmson. I think the Pietenpol is in the Tamworth area. The Corben and Pietenpol were sold at Ron's clearing sale feb. 65
  6. The Corben Super Ace was designed to use a converted A model Ford car engine, ( with a dry weight of approx. 100kg it required the pilot be located behind the wing for c. of g. reasons). When Jack Coomber built his in Narromine he used a French Salmson A D 9 a 3.3 litre 9 cyl. radial of 40 to 50hp. The Salmson was much lighter so he had to extend the forward fuselage giving it the long nose. Jacks Corben flew around the north west of NSW from the late 30's to mid 60's
  7. Stirs Playmate Background , Luton Major ??"
  8. Is it a ragwing ultrapiet, they were a single seater but had a second dummy cockpit to look like a pietenpol, the tail looks like the RW6. Is it a one off mod of a ragwing? I
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