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A PC Joke

Guest eland2705

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Guest eland2705

A police car was dispatched to a disturbance one evening.


On arrival, the young PC found a large black fellow dancing on the roof of a Ford.


He called Dispatch and said "Sarge, got a large black fella dancing in the roof of a Ford!"


The Sergeant nearly had apoplexy, and reprimanded the young PC for not using politically correct terms and ideals in his transmission.


After a short pause the young PC radioed back:


"Zulu, Tango, Sierra"



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Guest studentbiggles

Thats a bit like....................What part of "Foxtrot" "Uniform" "Charlie" "Kilo" "Oscar" "Foxtrot" "Foxtrot" don't you understand !!!!!!!!


Cheers Alley



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