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I'm new - Hi! Anyone for a Drifter/Foxbat syndicate in Sydney?


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Hi forum, I would just like to introduce myself to you all. I was miltary pilot back in the day and over the last 5 years dabbled with flying my Tiger Moth. Havent flown for a while and want to get back into some 'hassle free' flying and was thinking about buying a new Fisher/Drifter or a Foxbat. I am a strong believer in a 2-3 person syndicate and was wondering if there are any members who would consider starting one up with me. I live on Sydney's northern beaches and would prefer to fly out of Somersby, Warnervale etc. Anybody out there interested or have an existing syndicate needing a member?


Just took a flight this morning in an Airborne SST trike, very impressive and would consider syndicating one too but will try the conventional 3 axis route first.


Give me a buzz if you are keen. Bud 0419 293 187



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