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Hi all


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Hi Guys,


I'm a self confessed aeronautical nut, and love all things that fly. i have been chipping away at my PPL for a while now, but have not flown for a while due to my instructor taking off and leaving me high and dry, but i am keen to get my hands on the yoke again, and looking for a new school, i'm open to any suggestions?? if anyone know of one, i would be greatly appreciated, i'm in the Western District of Victoria.


looking forward to chatting with you all, and safe flying.







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Hi Nada


Here's a couple of tips, Give up on the ppl for now and join RA Aus. Save some money. find several schools/instructors/aircraft types and try them all out. Take a month off work and learn to fly. With a bit of determination you will end up a pilot. Much better than doing an hour a month for year after year.


I'd recomend learning in a drifter or savannah but I'm biased.


Good luck





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Guest davidh10

Welcome Nada.


Ian's advice is good. If you still want to go PPL, it will cost less to go RAA Pilot Certificate and then do conversion, if you still want to. Pick a school that does both, discuss that with the CFI and ensure that you do the PPL BAK so you don't have to do it twice...


Actually, you haven't said how far you got with your PPL, you can use the hours logged and if you passed any tests they will be recognised too.


If taking a month off does not appeal, it can be done at weekends and you will still get there in less than a year. Maybe much quicker.



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Cheers Guys,


Its strange you should say this as my local club as elected to take on RA instructors to entice some new blood into the club. which is great for me as this is the way i as looking to finish off and fly a bit cheaper:) i have completed my GFPT and was just solo, i am told these are all relative to RA, i will check with my CFI though:) as my lesson are about to get a lot cheaper, i feel i can probably ramp up to 2-3 hrs a weekend to get it over and done with quicker:) i would love to take a month off, but i just cant afford it at this stage.


the club test flew a Tecnam on the weekend, i have only heard good things about it from the members? climbs faster than the C152? so, they are looking at purchasing that, we are hoping to keep the C152 for the guys like myself who want to do our tests and keep our GA ticket current.


One of my close mates is a chopper pilot in the army, and we are hiring a C172 in a few weeks, going to take a trip down The Great Ocean Rd, i should get some awesome pics, I will share a few when i get back:) looking forward to getting to know you all:)


Cheers and thanks for the advise:)





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Guest Toally87



RAA is the way to go for good fun flying, i just did my first drifter lesson for my tail wheel conversion, definately something i would recomend trying





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