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Jabiru complexities

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Hi Guys,


I read with interest Ian's posting in the previous thread ("Endorsed on an RA-aus aircraft???"), where he said he loved the training in the Gazelle, but didn't like the Jabiru with it's complexities. That's not the first time I've heard that the Jab can be a bit tricky to fly, so now I'm wondering how everyone else rates the Jabiru. I'm also curious to know about the complexities, what does the Jab do that the others don't?


I've only ever flown the J160, and love it, so I have nothing to compare it with.


Looking forward to your comments,





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coming from a GA background, flying Archers an Arrows, i find the jabirus refreshingly simple. though they are more complex in their handling, power changes have a more immediate effect, rudder is definatley required a fair bit in and out of turns, as they say, the rudder pedals in the piper aircraft are just foot rests. and overall they generally feel a lot more responsive. control reactions are more immediate and its easy to get out of balance in a turn though i do find the Jab a lot easier to sideslip.


even though never having flown a gazelle, and being told they are the easiest aircraft to fly, i would assume they are similar in their handling to a Piper warrior or similar.



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Guest Ken deVos

Hi Tony


If you have only flown the J160, do yourself a big favour and book an instruction flight in the LSA55. You will be amazed at the difference.


The J160 is a lot easier to fly, but the LSA55 is more exhilarating and requires far more anticipation. Once you get a handle on the LSA55's temperament, idiosyncrosies and flight envelope limitations, you will enjoy the experience.



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I have nearly finished my training and all on an LSA55. It is definately exhilarating and you can lose it "real quick." I am told that if you can fly the Jabi LSA55, you can just about fly anything. I suspect these particular aircraft will be phased out, especially from flying schools.



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