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hello to very body i am new to the ultralights a short story of how i got to ultralights. for years i wanted to fly aircraft but could not afford it with family etc, so i was flying radio control aircraft . as my work has change and a new life for my wife and myself on the other side of the country i was looking at ga licence which was a large amount of dollars i started to do the training then i found out about ultra light 3 axis and the cost about 1/3 of a ga licence so i am booked in to do a 2 week course hoping to get a areo solo licence .when i get the full licence we will be flying all over the country as our kids (5) live all over the country about 1200nm from where we are the cost of our flying is very good i will be buying a jabiru c160 thats all for now happy flying everybody



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hi chris thank you for your reply i will be doing my training with sport aviation academy with glen his plane is a j160 soon he will have 2 planes and two other instructors how far along are you with your training we are living in the gold fields


happy flying



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