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Great trip indeed.


Today I did my dual-nav. Had to choose 3 legs over 300nm.


Went with Tumut - Narrandera - Tocumwal - Tumut.


The weather was amazingly good. Best day in weeks. On the ground many places we flew over were up to 38C. But at 4500 for the 1st two (morning) and 7500 for the last leg, I kept above it all and flew in laminar smooth air. Total magic.


This was my 1st XC where I planned and executed it myself, and I did really well apparently. Always knew where I was, and when I would get to the next waypoint and dest. The secret hidden GPS track was pretty good.


I found the whole experience bloody amazing.


Still heaps to learn obviously, but practice makes Queensland.


Next Sunday, solo nav-ex to Corowa and back to Tumut. After that, the sky's the limit. Or at least the performance envelope of a J160 is.


See you all at Narromine.




PS - no photos. I was a bit busy.



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Thanks Pete.


Actually I had time for 2 snaps at Narrandera.


They show what kind of day it was at least.


I also forgot to mention that the ASI had turned itself into an altimeter.


On 1st roll I noticed it wasn't working, but we went anyway.


Above 4000' it was hard against the stops. VSI and altimeter were fine.









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