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Learjet 45 - Sydney/Swan Hill/Sydney


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About a week ago I had a quick flight from Sydney KSA to Swan Hill and return in about three hours total... in a Learjet 45 which belongs to a friend of mine (that's him in the left hand seat).


Doors close Sydney 1650, cruise at FL400 at about Mach .78, doors open Swan Hill 1805.















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Guest AusDarren

A couple of years ago I enquired with Mike Falls of shortstop jet charter about what it would cost to go Essendon Avalon for the airshow in his Lear.


even a short hop like that was quite an expensive exercise..


you have been royally spoilt!


Lucky buggar!







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This Learjet used to be operated by Cathay Pacific (for crew training) out of Parafield.


It's now on line with Execujets, Mascot, for 5000 bucks an hour (wheels up to wheels down).


My friend is rated on the machine and keeps his hand in whenever he can.


It will fly Sydney/Perth non-stop and will wind up to mach .83 on cruise.





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Guest zach1976

Grass is always greener........


Hi guys,


As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I fly that high and that fast at work. I've just put in an order for a Jabiru J430 as some of the best flying I've ever done is the kind of flying you guys do in your aircraft. Flying wherever you want, whenever you want is fantastic. Don't get me wrong, flying jets is great, but the freedom that you guys enjoy is the real thing. Enjoy it.



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