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New Tecnam owner from Thailand


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Hi, my name is Ed.


I have just bought a used Tecnam P92JS here in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand where I am studying for my PPL. I hope to qualify in the Tecnam itself, if the local aviation authority can find an examiner who is comfortable with a stick!


My Tecnam is called Miss Dippy (she was originally HS-DPI), now re-reistered as HS-EAL after my initials, but the "Dippy" part has stuck.


Flying here in Thailand is a joy. The scenery and weather are breathtaking. My instructor is a Canadian CFI (on a sabbatical here in Thailand) and a hard man to please - he says I am being spoilt and need to get some "real world weather" experiance, but he agress a lot of this is more than made up for my the mountain flying experiance I am getting.


I am currently awaiting my theory exam results, after which I hope to go on and do my flight test. Fingers crossed I will soon be joining the ranks of the PPL community.


Cheers - Ed



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Welcome to the forum and Congratulations on your new purchase, I am sure you will be very happy with it.


The scenery side of things sounds fantastic - I would imagine it must be interesting trying to identify emergency landing sites in the mountainous regions. Good luck with the exams.





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Guest bateo

G'day Ed,


Welcome to the Forums, I also fly in a Tecnam P92 S.. Which I love every minute while flying it... They are no doubt a very comfortable and easy aircraft to fly....


Looking forward to hearing your experiences from over at Thailand.. Welcome



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