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Sample Theory Questions

Guest Sabre

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Guest bateo

Yes, To get a resourceful knowledge of information, I agree with Paul.. Go and study some PPL questions or at least some BAK questions from Aviation Theory Centre.. It may be a whole lot of info.. But from experience it is worth it..



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Sabre,


There is a book around called 'Ultralight Flight Training Manual' written by Phil Stonebanks who is currently based on Lismore aerodrome.


The publication has a picture of a white Drifter on the front 25 270.


Apart from being a great training manual for your type of flying (at this point in time), it does contain a mock air legislation exam and a basic aeronautical knowledge exam.....multiple choice questions.


Phil trained stuents in Drifters and there is some good reading specifically for pilots of the type.


I understand the manual has been reprinted and I recently saw it advertised. Perhaps someone at RA-Aus might know where to purchase it.


If you can't locate it in a week or so, I can copy the exams and forward them to you.


Good hunting.





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Guest Sabre

Thanks JL...I'll check with my instructor and if I don't have any luck I'll get back to you on it...much appreciated



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