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Front attach Pin


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Guest Stkin0

On the wings of the Gazelle there are two little pins stoping the wings from undoing and sliping back...is that whatyou are talking about?



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Guest micgrace

I'd say, if that wear (slop) was detectable on a preflight, something would need to be done about it real soon.


Most parts of this type and "small" diameter max allowable wear.005" don't


quote me as I don't have the maintenence manual for Gazelle.


Mind you , it would require dissassembly of the part to accuratelymeasure it's clearence.


Once wear starts like this, it rapidly deteriates. Not a part to muck around with. If in doubt replace.


Micgrace :)



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Guest Stkin0

if you do you daily on the aircraft propley you should notice if it is about time for a replacemnet


if un-sure most aircraft come with a walk around guide and what to check


about the allowable play the aircraft manuel should say that aswell, i thought i saw it last week i will check again



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Just for record


I have found that there should be nil play in the front attach pins of the Skyfox or Gazelle. After leaving the factory the pins needed a slight tap to be brought home. If you own a Skyfox/Gazelle have a look as all the aircraft I have seen have some play, some more than others, mine had about a half mill at the wing root this was fixed by replacing the rivited on attachments (big job fuel tank has to come out) Front pin is now very snug.



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If you want the good oil on the wing main spar attachment pins then may I suggest you contact Tony Kerr at Gympie aviation, his details may even be in the RAA magazine and Ian I think recently purchase an All-Size prop from him.


From recollection you don't need to remove the fuel tank to replace the front pin guides only if you do the back pins which is rarely done.


Tony needs to make up a couple of plates and these are riveted and glued to the main spar.I don't think there is an actual tube between the plates.


The wear to worry about is if the wings when holding the wing tips and pushed from left to right actually move backwards.


I understand that if there is a negligible forward movement when moving the wing tip fom right to left on the left wing tip and left to right on the right wing tip then there is nothing to worry about. Maybe to make it clearer I should say forward movement.


These attachments wear through movement experianced at those points during ground movements and wing tip strikes resulting from a severe ground loop.


Most Skyfox's with a few hours up will see the pins move up during ground movements and after takeoff can be moved downwards with your finger.


I don't think that there has been a recorded incident ever of one of these attachment points failing. The main spar carry through tube will fail before the pins or the attachment point because there is very little pressure exerted on the pins or attachment points in flight.


Any way for peace of mind call Tony Kerr, he maybe a New Zealander but you don't hold that against him.


Regards to all,





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Thanks Rick


The information I published was from Tony Kerr . Tony supplied me with the repair kit and the tanks have to come out to get to the bottom attachments. My concern was having any play in the wing root area could magnify the shock forces placed on the front cluster attachment. I have seen one Skyfox in paticular that had considerable play in this area . If you imagine the force placed on the attachment when encountering strong + then - G's in turbalance having play most certainly will increase stress on the cluster. Much better to have no play I think!





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Yes John I now recall the procedure, as discussed quite some time ago with Tony.


You can in fact get away with just replacing the top plate and thats why I remember that there was no need to remove the wing tank for that repair.


In my case this was about the time the aileron horns had to be replaced etc.





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Pin it baby! When I dive and get up to 85 KIAS, my wings creep back to about 30 deg of sweep...eat your hearts out F cripple 1 pilots! jason clarke flirting GIF by Originals

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