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2200 Jabiru rings


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I have decided to put new rings in my 2200 Jab engine. After about 240 hours they are letting too much oil past. Does anyone know which model Holden or Oldsmobile engine has the correct rings?



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Hi Yen,


They are just commodore rings ... made by Hastings if I recall. May be best to just order them directly from Jab, I think the last set I bought were $100.00 for a set of 4. You may find your barrels need a hone and might be glazed if you think oil is getting past the rings.







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Thanks Vev.


I believe that Jab are sourcing different rings now, not as good as the old ones so I want to steer clear of them. I think you are right about glazed barrels, but it is hard to work them hard enough.



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