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FAA Prep Study Guides - good or not for us?

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G'day all,


I was browsing through a USA aviation mag today and came across an advert posted by their ASA. Most of us might know that they produce a range of study material and exam preparation guides.


What I'm really interested in is their Prepware for Sport Pilot app for the iPhone/iPad, but I don't know whether learning from this "Prepware" would be useful towards my general knowledge and studies for RA-Aus based exams (I guess it's their equivalent of our BAK Test).


It's not expensive ($10.50) for such a good looking app but I don't want to fill my head with irrelevant info that may confuse me if its in conflict with the Aussie way.


Anybody able to provide guidance? FAA Sport Pilot Prepware akin to RA-Aus BAK; or not?


Thanks in anticipation.



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I'm not sure what is in it, but the principles would be the same, and the ASA produces really good training material, if you have a look on the website you might be able to download information for free.


The John and Martha King training material is good too.


Just be aware that (at the moment, anyway) our rules differ and our airspace requirements are different.


It is another reason why we really do need to lift our game here in Oz and harmonise with leading aviation nations!



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