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  1. I'm confused at the QNH call outs of 120.9 and 127.05?
  2. Time Left: 29 days and 12 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED - GOOD

    prefer 256Gb, but will consider 64gb as well. prefer pickup in Brisbane or nearby


    - AU

  3. Its not “ageism” is just the facts. Most any police/atsb/ntsb or any other acronym organisation reports in this standard way ”An (insert age) (insert place of residence) (insert gender/s) died/was injured as a result of a (insert vehicle type) crash, at (insert place and time)”
  4. I had heard that all new Tx have to be Mode-S, havent heard mandating ADSB for any VFR aircraft... source please?
  5. Why? because I called someone out for being a rude inconsiderate idiot?
  6. deleted...mod @ the OP, Mate, just find another school. Yep, may not be as convenient, but carry on regardless, and you will be the better for it. Perhaps, as I think some others have said, ask for your records, and some reasonings. When you get your RPC, go rub their collective faces in it.
  7. ArcherFalls is fun, one way strip. Heathrow (the one near Proserpine QLD, not the one in the UK) is fun as well, especially as a young inexperienced pilot 🙋🏻‍♂️
  8. I have a skyview touch and a skyview (non touch) both 10in versions. Absolutely love them, and depending on the type of flying you do, can drive dynon AP servos. Flight plans can be sent directly from avplan/ozrwys to the dynon. I personally dont use the touch functions all that much, but it can be on a occasion handy. when paired with an engine sensor package, can display (and importantly, log) everything you engine and aircraft is doing at whatever interval you set. EGT/CHT fuel flow, airspeeds ias and tas, g's, etc etc. very useful for analysis after the fact.
  9. oh yes, of course he is underbrained... silly me *facepalm* far be it from anyone to innovate and try to improve/alter or dare I say it Experiment on Experimental aircraft! and, this is a kitfox 7 SS (design gross 1550 lbs, 700ish kg Link), and as I'm sure you are aware the Skyfox Gazelle (CA-25 variant 1150 lbs, 520kg Link (according to wikipedia, i'm sure i'm be soundly reprimanded if i've got it wrong)) is a similar but quite different.
  10. want to climb faster, cruise faster and takeoff shorter perhaps? just a wild stab in the dark.... 🙄
  11. improvements are welcome. but.. I'm a member (and have been for 20 years) of some forums, that have had the same name the whole time. Aside from a few changes of software, usually functionality and names stay the same. Continuity is what most of us users want. my 2c. Leave the name as it is, leave the forum to act as a forum, the "feed" style front page is not as useful as discrete forum categories.
  12. 190 knots in the RV. on 2 wheels and 4, i'd rather not incriminate myself. I have done a 11.2 1/4 mile on the bike though
  13. There is a Trent Pascoe who is a LAME at toowoomba. Aviation Specialists Toowoomba. He might be of help.
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