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Constant Speed Prop


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Hi all,


I'm in the process of fitting a 3 bladeAirmaster AP332 constant speed prop to our CT2K running a Rotax 912s.


If anyone has thoughts, comments or tips (positive or negative) I'd be keen to hear from you.







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Hi Cecil,


It's governed. That is, each mode (t/off, climb and cruise) is pre-set to a given rpm. When, say in cruise at 5000rpm, the prop's load is decreased or increased (lower nose or higher nose attitude)the prop pitch automatically adjusts without the rpm changing. Thus "constant speed" prop.


Added to this, one can choose to operate the prop in manual mode giving opportunity to adjust the pitch finer or coarser to suit ones own preference for rpm, speed and fuel burn ... within limits.


Great concept and quite suitable for the Rotax that prefers running at higher rather than lower revs forextended wear.





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Our CT is kept at Cooma-Snowy 15km out of town. Plenty of runway and usually clear of fog. I'd rather be at Polo Flat but only for its proximity to home, only 5 min drive. The strip is adequate but other issues that I won't go into in print cause me, and apparently not just a few others, to keep away.


No, the CT never did go online. That was our intention, indeed the main incentive to invest in it. However, the CFI/ownerof the flying school did some drastic goal post shifting on the same day that we took delivery of the plane making the whole deal unviable and unattractive for us.But like you say, having one's plane online is probably not a good thing ... wear, tear and lack of care. Although we have no income or tax saving from the plane we've had a hoot of a time just enjoying the sheer freedom of jumping in and taking off whenever we feel the urge. Just lovin' it.


I'm in the process of posting a few travel albums on this forum if you're interested, just click on "albums" at the top of this page.







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