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Another landing


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Having jumped out of an aircraft a couple of times, I thought it about time I learnt to fly one before I got too long in the tooth. Started a couple of years ago at Caloundra in beautiful Queensland and have something over 100 hours on skyfoxes, so I'm still a bit of a new boy. I look forward to chatting and meeting fellow members of this web site.



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G'day Christopher and welcome.


I also jumped out of aircraft a few times and that was the only time I havn't felt safe in a plane. I never liked sitting just inside the door of a C172 until we got to 500 ft. After I gave it away I witnessed a drop pilot do a mag check just after he beat up the strip and then landed. One mag wasn't working and he told me it had been that way when he took off with 3 parachutists. Not safe practice!



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